Genji Swift Strike and Junkrat trap

Why isn’t junkrat trap stopping Genji dashing through his trap. Genji isn’t unstoppable while dashing. He should 100% be rooted.

Just lost a game to this bug. 1st I thought “well, maybe he didnt go through the trap”, but then I paid attention and I saw him dashing over my trap. The trap didn’t trigger, and Genji didn’t get rooted.

Please fix it. Make the game consistent. If he is supposed to be unstoppable say so, but even then he should have triggered the trap and just not get rooted, just like when a Deathwing steps on it.

dont worry - when you flying in the air, like from junkrats bomb you will stoped… blizard company are no enough good to make basic logics things… cat walking on keyboard are better programer than actualy this path.etic studio workers