Give me my money back. Your games are f u c k ing unplayable


I would like to report myself for Abusive Chat and I don’t plan to change it any time soon. I have f u c k ing enough of this game.

I payed you over 3500€ for oyur games. 3000€ for Hearstone Cards alone. 400€ for HotS and 100€ for World of Warcraft.

I was there when HotS was still in Beta and I payed for founders pack (35€). I was there recruting my friends to play this game and pay for it!

I was buying items in Beta for HotS. I loved this game. When there were only people paying for it playing. Since people were polite (mostly) and smart.

Now a days when you made this game free to play people playing it don’t give a s h i t. Act like a s s holes and are brainded.

And when I tell them to f u c k off (when they purposefuly troll) you ban me for Abusive Chat?

You know what Blizzard? You can f u c k off. Sincerly. If you trait your paying customers like this? F u c k off.

And send me refund for all the games please. Cause I don’t f u c k ing plan to play them ever again and I sincerly regret every single penny I have payed you.

After being treated like this. P i s s off!


I’ve also paid Blizzard for a few things… didn’t go as deep as you did, but I do not expect Blizzard to carry me and treat me differently from everyone else, simply because I paid a few pennies…

Besides… if you’ve been telling people to F off for the entirety of your gaming experience… your a toxic C U N T and I’m glad they did this to you.

Good bye, hope you finally learn some humility, when the next game bans you for the same reason


F2P games have problem with toxic players who don’t care and just make new accounts.
However if you are such an veteran you should have high matchmaking and players with high matchmaking usually have spent alot of time on given account buying characters and other unlocks so they have reason to care a little.

So in one hand you are right.

In other you are wrong.

Paying for game doesn’t entitle you to special treatment and you will be punished for misbehaviour like other players.
In League of legends similar forum post surfaces once per every few days “I invested a lot of money on this game and now you banned me”.
So far no moba offers special treatment for spending real money in it.


well I’m glad you’re not playing anymore, because your attitude is probably the main reason they ban you. EVERY single game can have toxic people, trolling people and people who just want to lose. And no Blizz does not give people like you who spend money, special treatments. Who gives a F about you requesting your refunds just because of your own problem? If you are a little more polite maybe yeah, but telling other’s to F off just because of your toxic attitude? No, you deserve this. Overwatch is not free to play, yet there’s trolls everywhere. WoW is not free, and there’s toxic people in it. As long as it’s a multiplayer online game, those people will always exist.


You seriously think they will refund you… Then you can’t be to bright