Got -600 ranked points again for nothing


So as i posted some weeks ago Game shutted down in draft (tl queue) , AND GOT NO ANSWER. Today i got same problem. SAME. Draft queue, game shuts down, i relog and there are - 600 points in my team league, NO LEAVER STATUS, NO DODGES, JUST FOCK YOU.


I drop from g2 to s1 because of that so yeah if you get dc in draft pick ur done all your hard work for nothing . Absurd system


So for the first time (as i said in the previous topic) i dropped from p5 to g1 thanks to bugs, yesterday i lost 600 points in g2 and now im at g2 right before demotion. The most interesting thing: Why the f topic was removed to competitive discussion, Hello blizz? IM GETTING NO LEAVERY STATUS, I NEVER GOT MUTED, I NEVER SPAM AND FLAME, I NEVER ABUSE ANYONE. Its ur problem Blizz, not mine. 25 days ago i asked you to answer me WHY DID I LOOSE MY RANKED POINTS?! TWENTY THE HELL FIVE DAYS? Stop making ur fail Diablo, start supporting ur customers.


Try to post in the bugs section, for these problems it was made.


Happens to me all the time, then I get punished for “leaver” status. It’s a joke. All the the blizz automated punishements are worthless imo


I just did with the same problem they moved it here LUL


So… it is working as intended ? Because this is what I understand by them moving you post here.


Your game is crashing - that sucks - but it doesn’t mean you get a pass when that crash happens in a draft. Leaving for any reason, intentional or otherwise, will punish you. It reminds me of a certain other game where you could cause recording software to soft-crash the game and abuse this to reset in-game loot spots. As far as devs would be concerned, it was out of the players control (but it wasn’t).

TLDR - stop signing up for ranked and focus on resolving what is causing your crashes. Until then you will get no sympathy from Blizzard as it is working as intended.