Grand Master looking for a team


Hello there,

I hit Grand Master with ~10,800k rank points a few days ago for my very first time and It doesn’t stop there for sure! So I think it is finally the time I can say that I am actually good.
I play computer game since 7 years old. It started from Age of empires through Counter strike 1.6 to League of legends - which I, as a fascinated child by MOBA genre, played about 5 years because I was very good in it. But being bored by just playing amateur tournaments or LAN parties with some random teams and never finding actually ambitious team forced me to try something else.

So yea, there am I in Grand Master after playing Hots 4 months, LoL experience… :+1: and also watching HGC when I hit Master because wanted to “be more educated” into the game.

I got quickly into it, as it’s almost the same game… I actually played hots a few season since year 1 of release but always just for abreaction from LoL but got some knowledge of the game and sometimes hit diamond just for season rewards… I main assassins but I can play almost everything because in LoL I had to play everything. So I can just play every hero at a decent level without ever playing it, course Ktz and stuff like that got some time to train xd. Don’t like to play tanks.

So now I am looking for an ambitious team that want to try something more than just playing Team leagues.

For the last part something more about me: I will be 19 in December, I live in Czech republic, I play MOBA for almost my whole “game life” - Hots altogether ~7 months, I am rather introver than extrovert, studying technical high school (programming, networking) for fourth year. I was also never be in an english speaking team so looking forward to finally test my voice english communication skills, it may take a while to get used to another language… Of course I have written so much text in english but never actually spoke.

If you are interested to try me out or ask me for anything else about me, feel free to add me on Blizzard as Adu456#2506 or on Discord as Adu#9516.

Spend lot of time playing PC games and don’t want to let it go for nothing.

Thank you for reading,

PS: Sorry it is pretty longer.