Here comes a big one bois! Feral or Balance druid!

Just like Varian the druid will be able to choose as a first trait if he will be a moonkin(ranged assasin) or a Cat(melee assasin) and Bear form as another druid hero(tank). As a druid main in WoW i would like to see this.
Now there are so many things you can do with druids its a insane class.
Cat form:Uses energy. It can be based on Bleeding damage and combo points damage. But you can make it with Prowl or with Charge
Q-Rake Deals damage and grants a combo point
W-Charge slows and if hits a enemy hero succesfuly changes to ravage which grants a combo point
E-Prowl grants stealth and changes to pounce which stuns for a second deals bleed damage and awards a combo point but terribly short range.
R-Ferocius Bite(instant damage) or Rip(bleeding damage) according to combo points.
Bear Form:Tanky type more hp lower attack damage which can deal damage to groups of enemies and a single enemy whomst works on rage that is gained by hitting or getting hit.
Q-Lacerate makes your next basic attack Deal damage and applies up to three bleed stacks
W-Swipe Deals damage in a 90 degrees cone at some short range
E-Bash-Damage and stun
R-Pulverize-Deals damage for each consumed Lacerate stack
R-Frenzied Regeneration Converts all the rage you have into max hp for a certain time. Each point of rage is converted into 0.30% of hp(as in WoW)
Trait of both would be
Faerie Fire Reduces armor by 4% stacks up to three times or
Survival instinct which reduces damage taken for a few seconds by 50%
Moonkin:Ranged assasin that uses mana.
Q-Wrath deals damage at medium range and slows or something
W-Starsurge deals damage at long range
E-Typhoon deals damage in a area of Vaalas cloak ulti
R-Solar Beam Silences enemies in a area lasts 10 seconds is casted and can be interrupted
R-I have no ideas for the other ulti
I had least ideas for Moonkin since its what i played least as.
Please add any ideas you have i know it needs work.

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