Hero Suggestion - Sire Denathrius

Sir Denathrius
| Q | - Inevitable - Basic attack spell with range - remornia will strike target for some dmg.
| W | - Hands of Destruction - You can place his image and it will pull two random enemy players in range towards his image and slows them, after few seconds his image will release destructive energy that inflicts dmg.

| E | - Remornia - Denathrius wields Remornia. He will attack % slower, but his attacks will iflict % more dmg.
| R1| - Impale - Remornia will mark 3 random enemy heroes in range. Then impales each of them a few second later, it will deal dmg to players in her path. ( so players need to stay spread and try to avoid )
| R2 | - Massacre - Remornia will release her full power to form massive blades that slash in every direction in place near denathrius.

its classic raid abilities but i think its great idea for new Champion!
Heroes of the storm is amazing game but we need something new!


I think it’s a good idea. :ok_hand:t5: