Hots and carelessness of this game from Blizzard

We are well aware that Heroes of the Storm has seen the end of its development, but players, often paying ones who also have accounts on other paid Blizzard games, continue to play it out of passion. The problem is that this passion is constantly dampened by attitudes that, I can say, do not depend so much on players who want to ruin the games, but on the lack of customer service that Blizzard does not offer for this game: if Blizzard wanted Heroes of the Storm to work and still have players, they should at least take care of those who play; otherwise, they should simply close the game forever, and we, lovers of our MOBA, might turn to other platforms for other types of games.

My experience with Blizzard within WoW is at least perfect, but when it comes to Heroes of the Storm, I think there are serious problems. After various emails and tickets sent, in terms of communication, and, I’m sorry to say, sometimes I felt mocked by the Blizzard staff who responded to my reports regarding Heroes of the Storm.

Anyone playing this game knows that many matches are ruined by people who have no interest in playing a team game but simply want to ruin the game and the atmosphere. For this reason, I have decided to compile, as much as I can, an Excel sheet that signals to us users, still eager to believe in Hots, who the “trolls” are and why. For “keyboard” reasons, I cannot report players with Cyrillic names that we all know, let’s not kid ourselves, are the LEAST COLLABORATIVE AND MOST TOXIC of all. In my last match at 8:00 PM [+1 Rome], we encountered the same Leoric who was suiciding into the enemy base, the same Leoric encountered a few games before where he made MISOGYNISTIC statements and continued to ruin the game. Both are termited in a few minutes, minutes that I lost as you all have often experienced.

We, good HOTS players, know that the reporting system doesn’t work and that toxic players always manage to access the game with second accounts, or they simply are not prevented from ruining games with sensible and discouraging sanctions as in the best MOBAs around, AND SO IT’S NOT SURPRISING IF THEY HAVE SURPASSED IN PLAYERBASE HEROES OF THE STORM.
Please don’t take this post an attack on Blizzard workers but this is the reality of this current time of this game.

The document I will publish will be fillable by almost anyone, and I will post the rules below to help us isolate and make it clear to the entire community who intends to ruin the game."

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every blizard game is dead… Hots - destroyed Diablo - destroyed Overwatch - same xd.
blizard begin employe animals, its why ppl working there destroy every game