HOTS matchmaking / reporting system


i just want to get this off my shoulder, been playing this game for so long. and each season i notice the same things … the matchmaking is forcing me to be around 50%, winrate. i have not been able to get out of silver league , i was doubting if its my skill. so i made some friends with platinium ranked players, was just playing with them and asked for honest opinion. am i maybe a bad player. which was not the case.

on last season i had 7-3 wins on placement games. and u know what. i got placed in bronze 4…

my friend , who is mostly wow player, never plays HOTS a lot. basicly had 8-2 losses and he got to gold 3. he was making fun of me.

listen, each season i play, its like the system throws me to the league i was previously at… i am sorry to say but who ever designed this algoritm, is an idiot. plain and simple.

so i have the feeling the matchmaking system is kinda like casino… it will let u win sometimes and it will make sure you will lose by matchmaking u with players who have in past lost many many games, who have disconnected, who basicaly have bad record. the system keeps this all in record…

i have honestly lost my passion for this game, i notice i am not even trying lately to win any games. my drive to be number 1 during the matches has vanished. even cordinating the game , pinging has no effect.

i do not understand what wrong wit the players that are in my team. like genji who is doing less dmg the brightwing, players who would come to the obj at moment the obj has allready pop up…

is it really so hard to get to start getting ready for the obj 15 sec before… or when the sound is aanoucing “get ready”

why are people so dumb?

listen i have had my account silenced for like 4x allready. just because of the frustration that builds up… talking nicely, does not help. most dont even speak english( maybe create a russian server?)

i honestly belive russians are stuch in the ww2 mentality, rush forward. they have no sense of cordination. its like your playing with chickens with no head, who run around , and around and around. and u start to ask yourself. whats wrong with them…

u know, i think this is all blizzard fault. cause people like me , who are devoted, who try so hard. are beeing punished. lately u can not even use simple curse like “sh*t” u can get reported. and the noobs they walk away free to ruin more games…

(edit: see i couldnt even make this post, the forums told me, your post containt a curse word )

what kinda of feminst mentality do they posses at blizzard, are they trying to make us all nice? listen if i want to curse, i will . why do u try to force me to be nice to players i dont apprichiate. why are you brainwashing us so we obey the rules? and we all become pussys?

blizzard ther is a maturity filter. its not there for nothing. u cannot change and tame people.


It’s a flawed game, face the reality. If at the end of the day you still enjoy playing hots and want to climb the ranks, learn to play high impact heroes. Heroes that you probably don’t enjoy playing, or not good at yet. Heroes like genji, hanzo, malganis, alarak, diablo, garrosh, to name a few. Watch pro games, and evaluate which heroes are high impact in their games.


just got email from blizzard that my account has been banned again for abusing language

the reporting system in this game is so flawed. u cant even express yourself anymore. my account has been banned again for what reason, i have no idea, i dont curse in the game, but obviously whatever i have said in the game was “abusive”… i wish they would just provide me evidence of what i actually have said thats so abusing.

i have the feeling like best thing u can do in this game is disable teamchat totally. and this will have the same effect like what happened to wow comunity. none speaks to eachother anymore, everyone is just using LFG and run the instance asp.

if this is the new blizzard then maybe it is time to change the course, not pay any more money and move on. life is to short to worry about little things like this. they made great games, and now they are destroying them