HotS -- more skill or luck?


How much is HotS a game of chance/skill in your opinion? Let’s say — on a scale from 1 to 5 where 1 is pure chance (like in dice games) and 5 is a pure skill game (like chess).

I would say, 2. You can always play with 4 friends and then there is no chance you get a flamer/feeder. Actually, this is probably the only reasonable option to play this game. Otherwise, the most important factor hands down is who else you get in your team and this is totally beyond your control. It’s not your skill that much. It’s where the biggest feeder or the most toxic kid is located, in your team or in the opposite one.

Blizzard wanted a game with a strong team focus. I get the idea but I think they overdid it. They managed to create a game where too little is up to a single player which discourages most of the players on the unlucky side. I like something I read, I think, on Quora. A guy wrote that you must be at least diamond to get out of silver. I think this sums up the game perfectly.

What do you think?


This is what I’ve always said about hots.
80% is the team u end up with. 20% your individual skill, which in the end translates to a game of chance more than skill.

HOTS has potential, but the no-loss forgiveness for a DC in your team or a feeder, makes this game 80% about chance.


Can Toy find me ONE real “team oriented” sport, where You can win “alone”.
There is NO such sport/game, because idea of “team sports” lays in cooperation of all team. One screw… all are fried.
There is no matter how good shooter You are as long as you have no goalkeeper.
This same is in HotS.
This is most team oriented MOBA e-sports game, and You must accept that there is smaller impact of single player in it then in LoL for example.

In short that means You play with team or you prey for win, because chances to play with randoms are small.


Fair enough. What about the idea of ranks then? Does your rank reflect your skill or your luck in getting good teams?



And trying to find good teammates to party up with is certainly within your power to do so as well

This is how a lot of successful players win more than they lose


Indeed with such thinking…exisy so many low game skilled players ,include you.
IS NOT 80 % team and 20 % game skill, silly clown.
Like you judge yourself for without mistake peoples,high intellected,smart…
Then explain me that…if one players is so low game skilled and party up with more 3 low games skilled team mated( i miss 1 ,because would be high game skilled)…then how they gonna won if play so bad!!!


Next time dont even try to think and astimation this!!

Lets see you how good you are in games.
I want to inspect you with 20 games.
add me “Brutalnot #2608”…


No,not does reflect rank,because with this bad MM/ladder/MMR ,old 200/ 200 points system… not accurate perfectly.
Of course luck factor reflect low %.
Indeed with luck factor many players in Master,Platium league.


Luck imo.
It all depends what teammates you get, and there are players of all skills across the ladder.

Yesterday my pc froze, it never does that, so it was leaver/loss for me

Today I won the annoying qm requirement and went rated, my USB stick (4g net) died on me during endgame, I tried unplugging it, plugging it back in and…well, now I’m using my phone with usb cable to go online, aka now I will have leaver status again, be matched with raging leavers in the future and have to win like 5 qm before I can go rated again. My season is done, after 7-1 score at the start.


It depends on league. In silver I can win in 10 minutes and loose in 10 minutes. In gold now when we have disadvantage from begin and our team play worse, game still take more than 15 minutes.


Chill out man and take your pills. No reason to get so angry. We’re all happy for you that you’re so skilled, really.
This is exactly the type of behaviour that makes people quit all MOBA for good.


2,5 is 50%luck50%skill stay away from it


I cany chill…always pop up someone " not exactly a precise person"…and to say this…i cant be patience vs such young gamers anymore…( wich had less that 12,13 years game life).
You cant understand me…i meet so many of them for my 20 years game life.
I dislike such young gamers/peoples wich are NOT had perfectly astimation ( 20 % game skill , 80 % team) .
Lets take one example about real life sports…
" 3 so old ,high xp-ed sportists + …inv in his team 2 low skiled ,short time in sport( beginer sportits) “…
“What would be result?!”…
" This team will beat other teams easly?!”…
and enswer is " NO"…because these 2 low sklled,short time period in this sport or low xp-ed…WILL NOT ALLOW OF THESE OTHER
Do you understand now my point now?!


You need to learn how to write. It is close to impossible to get your point across when you mix symbols with wrong words with sentences that makes no sense


I think the issue isn’t just winning alone, rather the randomness of teammates and the dependence of your teams win/loss on the weakest link as opposed to the strongest link.

I have had a few occasions where my teammates annoyed me (let me die, ignored my pings, told me I sucked because I died alone at obj…) and I proceeded to ignore them too and simply did my own thing. Within minutes the game is usually lost, simply because I didn’t care and they could not do much 4v5.

As for the topic, I would say 1 out of 5. This primarily because I can win 55% of my games at Plat, but win only 50% at Silver and be stuck in gold for 3 months…


How do you explain high master/gm players who will always be 80%+ winrate at low ranks?


" How to explain?!"…
Simple …in Bronze,silver exist so many master game skilled players…i dont now exactly what is %…but fact they exist is enough…


You didnt even understand the point


Don’t think they will always be at 80%. And that can only really be achieved with a small number of heroes that they ‘abuse’. Falstad, Genji etc. Noobkiller heroes.


This is quite easy.You have lower committed people in lower ranks,as i’ve said already by my experience since i came back to the game. People with absolute garbage net,bad pc,and afk’s,leavers, who play it during there off time and maybe then people who are just bad at mobas so they never raise.Something you cant pull off in higher ranks since those people take the game serous and the time they spend in it.So it comes to no surprise when they perform quite well in lower ranks.
It still doesnt prove your point how its about skill and not luck,when it comes to lower skill ranks.(in a dwindling player base game like hots)
It’s been the case in HS,WoW rank,WoW m+,where people who perform on higher skill lvls perform quite well in lower ranks.


As you said - people are bad at low ranks. This is true. There are ranks which tell the skill level of that player.

Now the orginal question was is hots skill or luck based game. Some people said it is based on luck. Well you just said people are bad at low ranks and bad means literally they have low skill. If skill dont matter in hots it would be irrelevant if someone is bad. Therefore hots is skill based game.

Some people got this delusional mindset at lower ranks that luck has more to do with the game than it actually does. The reason for this is that they lack self critism and self awareness. They are not able to understand their own misstakes in game and the impact within those misstakes. It creates false, delusional view that game is based on luck which in reality luck plays a lot smaller role in the game many believe in.