Huge Trolls issue on lower ranks

The game has a major -MAJOR- problem with troll “players” in the lower ranks. Bronze to Gold. Too many people who will do anything you can imagine to destroy the game and ruin the fun of the rest of their team.

AFK roaming with macro
Banning what the team is hovering during draft
Using displacement abilities to put teammates in trouble
Actively suiciding
Doing camps in enemy side of the map and not capping it so that enemies passing by can cap it.
Hovering tank all draft long and switching to assassin as last pick
Hovering heals all draft long and switching assassin as last pick
Hovering assassin and switching to heals as last pick
(basically every possible draft grief you can imagine goes here)

Anything you can imagine is happening. Please you have to adress this. The game is borderline unplayable and there’s at least 50% of the games this is happening. Not to mention how often you get a series of games like this and you derankk massively or how hard it is to rank up like this.

Please, PLEASE, do some waves of banning. Permanent banning. Let the trolls regrind a new account or pay you money for the heroes. It will be good for all of us. We get rid of trolls and you make money.


100% Agreed. Started this game for a friend. I had Gold 1, started to solo que (Dad Idea), lost everything over the next couple of months, landed me in B5, grinded myself out of it back to B3, just too long in the following day to lose 10 games back-to-back due to trolls dying and afk. I uninstalled the game and headed back to League of Legends.

untill you find full 5ppl squad you will get to team trolls or 10iq ppl. Same iq level are blizard developers - 10iq. So until you change game there is no chance to good changes in blizard games