I am on the search for cool people



I love this game

I play Versus AI almost every single day and I like it a lot

But it’s quite lonely because often it’s just me playing alone

If you are someone who wouldn’t mind playing Versus AI with me then please add me:


I play in the Europe Region and I am active almost every single day

When it comes to playing against players I definitely prefer Ranked

I hate Quick Match and Unranked Draft because let’s be honest:

Quick Match isn’t even really “Quick” anymore and most of the people playing that mode just do whatever they want regardless of whether their actions are to the benefit of their team

And Unranked Draft is the place people come to when they don’t want to risk their Rank while still trying to have the benefits of Drafting

I am not one to shy away from playing against players but people are more likely to care about how they play when they have their Ranks on the line compared to the other modes

Playing Versus AI solely can become boring anyway because it’s not the only form of fun this game has to offer

And last but not least:

If you are in need of a friend I would not mind being there for you if you are a caring person who cares enough to try and get along with me

I love reading what other people send my way and I enjoy chatting it up with them as well

Looking forward to meeting you and I thank you for your time and patience

Once again:

Xylord#2300 in the Europe Region