I decided to quit the game because of the leaver "mark" [not a rant]

Blizzard you might want to reconsider your policy for leavers, I for one will not be playing this game anymore just because of that.

I only left a game once (due to a personal emergency) and i play this game since release!

I find that punishment too rash, there is no first offence or warning in place, you’re automatically a leaver without a timeout.

There might be one but for me it’s been around 2 weeks and i never played a game since and i don’t plan to play anymore, i don’t want to play with other leavers just because of one mistake!

If you want a suggestion: something like 3 days on first leave, 7 days on second and so on would be more appropriate. It will be enough to deter people from leaving but still leave a way for people that actually leave for good reasons to not be punished so harshly.

To add to this, if you leave you get the offense, but if you just Alt+F4 as to appear it’s a connection issue, you don’t get that i believe, way to be impartial to all situations.

It’s been a fun ride while it lasted, but i think you’re just alienating your community with nonsensical decisions like this one.

Hi - sorry to hear about your emergency (hope everything was ok)

in terms of the leaver list; It’s not a big deal, you only need to play a few games untill it is gone. just play a brawl.

emergency or not, you unintentionally wasted 15-30 mins of 9 other people in the game. and you should feel bad for those guys. the existing system isn’t 100% as good as it could be, but I believe being put on the leavers list for 1 game is fine.

If i have to leave for an emergency, I accept that I should be put on the list for 1 game, that way, it acts as a deterrent for people who just leave for no good reason. It is used to stop people leaving and ruining the game.

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How long is leaver status supposed to last? I left a single game and received leaver status. I’ve just played 2 games and i’m STILL on leaver status. It’s been years since i previously left a match.

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