Imperius is not a good tank


If he enters a fight, he must win it or he just dies … no way out of it (and as a tank, he must be the one to initiate the team fights). He has a pretty good initiation with his Q, but that’s about it. He has no way (quest?) to gain more atack speed for his sustain, no magic imunity or resistence (armor), no movement speed quest… if the team retreats, or dosent help him, he is left to die for nothing. And he canot be a main tank, if you ask me. So is he a laner? -he has some resistence to be that… but so dose Leoric, or Arthas, or even Blaze, witch he resembles a lot. How is he more REWARDING to play? -why would you feel like he’s a FUN to play choice? -will he just be soon forgotten and se no ranked game-play, like Arthas or Yrel? -get him better quests! -i’m NOT impressed with him :frowning:


I think you are missing a big point. First of all he is not a tank. He is a bruiser. In case you are missing the changes to the role system he is not intended to be a solo tank or a solo engager by no means. He is intended to pick his fights, eliminate a particular target (which he is very good at, tested him on PTR) and by doing so create opportunities for the team. And if he gets abandoned then yes he dies, but so does any character in any moba ever that does not have infinite mobility (cough cough Genji cough cough). If you get left out in team fights in mobas it does not matter how tank you are , generally you die. Now to move to your other point, from playing him I find him extremely efficient as a bruiser. He is a very tanky assassin with generally decent damage and he can really outsustain a lot of characters. He sure has his counters but that is the idea of balance.

In regards to your Yrel comment… Yrel has been a top tier solo laner in the high ranks and pro scene until she was nerfed for being too dominant so that point is inconsistent. In my opninon Imperius has quite the potential to be a very powerful solo laner in his current state and be a decent engager alongside a main tank. His whole point is to be a tanky (based around heals, so counter healing is his counter) damaging and annoying backline diver.

Also he does not need armor. Armor is intended for the tanks not the Bruisers like Varian or now Imperius. His whole intention is to outstain others with his ridiculous healing. Yes he does it like Blaze, but unlike him he has better ways of dealing with specific targets. And Leoric is a tank killer so he is inherently different. I think overall Imperius will play the part of a pure bruiser something which the game could use right now. Has valid counters but also very good potential in engaging, boxing and sustain.


Imperius is a finisher bruiser like Sonya, although Sonya is much more useful in team fights than he is.


Imperius is not designed to be tank. He is bruiser. Middleground between assasin and tank.
He has no disengage (his Q can sometimes grant him escape chance near the walls but thats about it), his waveclear is pretty bad given his tools poor damage and mana efficiency against minions, camps or little fellows who need to be murdered before PWNisher can be summoned.

If he is forced to clean lane he is at disadvantage, when he is swarmed by enemies he is going to die quuiiiiickly with little hope of escaping.
When he is backed by allies who CC, take out enemies or heal and shield him (perhaps with their own bodies because he cannot be main tank) Imperius can wreck havoc among enemies.

PS: I played WoW last time during Cataclysm so tell me does Demon Hunter class from WoW has enough variety in it to be represented by more than just Illidan? Paldin has vastly different representation of Uther and Yrel. Can DH count for similar treatment or there is insufficjent variety between Warcraft/WoW’s Demon Hunters in order for us to get another Demon Hunter?


Illidan DH yes
Valla is a different Demon Hunter, she’s like a Vampire Hunter, but instead hunts Demons, in Diabloverse she is a decent representation of a basically immortal being hunting down other seemingly immortal beings. She has very few melee skills and generally depends on her boltcasters (that’s what a small crossbow is, or a bowgun if you prefer) and is good at it.

Technically Valla is what Blizzard promised for WoW Demon Hunters, they promised one of the builds would be a physical ranged DPS, instead DH became 2 Melee DPS and a Melee tank, for whatever silly reason but we got used to Blizzard not fulfilling their part of the bargain.

I kinda knew it would end up this way and didn’t bother buying sub/exp past WoD.

From Diabloverse, they ended up bringing everyone of importance from the “good” side, while a lot of players are waiting for Andariel or Lazarus to be brought into the Nexus.

Instead we get a shoddy Imperius that can’t even do his job right, much the same as in Diablo, besides looking … questionably at best. I mean, in PTR his wings look tiny if you compare them to Diablo assets, they should have just extract it from Diablo and transplant it into HotS, now they upgraded his tiny wings into Gundam version of Wings, it’s even more disappointing and to make it worse, I hardly find him useful in any situation.

His abilities are weak, literally, the only really good and useful ability is the one you pick up enemy hero and slam them into the ground, everything else is trash.

Since he is trash, I didn’t buy him, and I don’t think 10000 (after release period) gold is an adequate price for a hero more useless as tank or damage than Illidan or Muradin who are actually 4k gold and are much more useful.

With Malganis being far too OP I am not willing to pay anything for him as well.

I doubt many people noticed this as well but quite a few heroes have been promoted to Legendary to lower their chances of appearing in lootboxes.


Imperius is generally another proof of bliztarded development things called humans only due to physical appearance.

They made a frontliner with literally self-stun ability.

Than we go with the incredibly contradicting pros and cons in his reveal video !

LOW DAMAGE vs minions
STRONG solo laner

Hes strong on lane only due to semi-strong burst and decent self-heal… provided there are no minions around to steal molten armor hits - he heals only from heroes.

He is TERRIBLE at merc camps.

His Solarions fire is incredibly unreliable as CC.

But what is his strength ?

BURST DAMAGE - with a combo, he hits his melee for 240, 100 from Q, instantly follows with 150 W and E for 240 damage over 3 seconds - 700 burst damage from a warrior

Hes an assassin, more than Sonya.


Bruiser is not a cross between tank and assassin, bruiser is there to trade punches and stay front for as long as possible.

Imperius with his slow attack speed and long cooldown on molten armor, makes for poor bruiser. And the self-stun from Q !