Imperius Wings fix feedback


While I appreciate you decided to fix his wings from flappy puppy ears to big af Gundam Wings.

They are not angelic in ANY way even still, the entire Imperius design is wrong if you look at him in Diablo III.

The entire design is faulty, his spear color is off, and his head is too small.
To say the least, his glorious wings that rise high in the cinematics and in-game (DiabloIII) in Hots are sad fappy ears that were simply scaled up.

This is the reason I will not BUY this hero until he looks like he should.

(I did not buy Alextrasza as well, got her in the box :P, I don’t want to buy Malganis because he is way too OP)


Model is fine, animations decent but I understand the lesser quality given the situation… The Portrait/Helm is what throws me off tbh, and chances are they changed the tip of the spear to make his Q more realistic/natural

Still, the portrait/helm looks quite a bit bulky and flat in 3rd dimension, his original helm has clearly a pointy nose/side-chin area whilest in the game is rly flat, thus giving that unnatural impression though

About the wings = think they kinda overdid the size, as would’ve been cooler if they were just a tad bit more clumped up so casting abilities that make 'em spread would attain bigger impression overall :slight_smile:


His model is smiplified and slightly caricatural.
40% of characters is like this.
I would loved all roster to get more realistic remastered HD skins availiable when you turn them on in settings.
But in the end I don’t care so much.

I like that Blizzard started to listen fans more and gave him bigger wings.
They are still imperfect but not as bad as initially.


They had no other choice but to abide by it, he looks ridiculous anyway, no way I’m buying him, I didn’t buy ugly af Alex and I will not buy Malganis until he stops being OP, and I sure as hell won’t buy Imperius for his ridiculous looks.
He’s not even fun to play, he is useless in a team fight, which makes his bruiser ability pointless.

To me he feels like Malfurion right now, he just is, his healing is … I dunno, takes a LOT of effort to get someone healed by current Malf, last match I out healed Malfs healing just by sustain on Malthiel, which isn’t that good 1v1.

I’m actually am forced to ban in ranked:

If I’m doing the healing I usually pick Morales Ana or Stukov
If I’m banning and am not playing Orphea I ban Malf because a lot of people are really bad at him as healer, and we end up losing.

People underestimate the changes his kit went through, he is no longer an easy healer anymore, he requires a very offensive and aggressive strategy to perform serious healing. If you don’t know how to heal and want to do it easy, use LiLi instead.


On Polish forum guy which usually has slightly different opinion than me said that Imperius feels like worse Diablo. It were very strange feeling to read it because 2 hours earlier I thought to myself the same thing.