Is the game dead?

There hasn’t been a hero update since a century ago…i was waiting for a Witch Doctor, Lilith, etc… sad… is a great game. I’m afraid the Undead took him.

No dude, game is not dead. They stated that since they could not make money from the game, they would not invest in the game and therefore would not spend labor. Therefore, they keep this game alive just because the community loves it. They spend money to keep the servers open, but since the number of players is not very large, it does not cost them anything. But they will not waste money on hiring someone to update the game. we continue to play. You can direct your friends who want to play to the game, the game is still playable and alive.

But I don’t understand why they don’t direct the interns to this game. Allowing young people who want to prove themselves or employees who want to move up to be interested in this game can be an opportunity for both players and employees to see their talents.


admins hardly working with the game. Before was limit mor.ons in team like you play with same mor.on (s) 3 matches a raw, then was break 1 match, and again same ppl in your team…
Now they change to unlimi. you can play 10 matches and find same trolls/moro.ns in your team.
Thos game is dead. same dead like dead is brain of developers.

That mor.ons 2 years cant repair camera moving (error)

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