Is there a way to surrender?


I’m bored of having a penalty because I’ve left a game. I don’t see the pointing hanging around when I know we’re going to lose. I just want a gg function if possible, so I can move onto the next game.


Then you don’t know the game very well. I’ve seen games swing in less than a minute from certain defeat to victory. There’s no surrender function in HotS because the game can swing really hard really fast.

Also, stop leaving games. You don’t gain anything from it other than worsening your teammates chances of some kind of miracle comeback.


People who give up and leave, should receive the ultimate punishment… Order 227… All cowards who retreat from the front line will be shot!

On a more serious note, I’ve won battles where we literally had 1HP on our core… and the enemy had 30… we’ve won a few battles like that and the feeling is legendary… doesn’t happen often though. Never give up, even if your team is garbage, you might still be able to lead them to victory, instead of crying and throwing a tantrum.


When no one is bothering with the objective and constantly… there is no way to win. It has never swung…


Well, I agree that there are many games where you clearly gonna lose, but you are missing one fact from other mobas - surrender is voting, and people will still not vote for surrender and keep playing just like this.

We all had that experience, where you simply don’t wanna play game anymore and did some silly things like avoiding battle to end faster, but on the other hand when entering the game we should just “deposit” particular amount of time for the game and play the game no matter the outcome. I mean you should just be ready to dedicate, say, 30 minutes of your life to the game and not get emotional.

LoL has surrender system, but it changes nothing, and sometimes even worse - you clearly have better late game champs, but 4 other surrender at 15, throwing the game you would definitely win.


Lol, someone still asks for surrender option after the changes in how experience work? Now it’s actually even easier to be a losing team and still be only like a level behind. After the change amount of games we were losing hard and suddenly won after one late game fight increased a lot. Unfortunately, also amount of games we were winning and lost after one late game mistake increased by quite the same amount :frowning:

You cannot guess result of the game anymore.


If decide to gave up…then be like camikadzes…simple heh:D


Or you grow a pair and do the courteous thing and at least keep going until the end. If this was a 1v1 game I’d say go for it, surrender, kamikaze or just stand around picking your bum fluff for all I care, but it isn’t. You’re part of a team.

One of the most frustrating things in the game is when you’re on the losing side of a match and one of your teammates gives up. The game can swing, even if it’s unlikely it’s never impossible and giving up is one of the worst strategies in the entirity of the game. The only time it seems reasonable is when others have already given up, but then that’s just the same problem repeated.


If you’re really getting stomped and you know its lost cause, then you would also lose before 15min mark, usually 10-12min mark. How minutes you would potentially shave off from the point of realization to match being lost? Not worth it mate.

I haven’t played much HotS (who has, its dead LOL), but from day1 i saw the intended changes on XP go from those generic +3 to a more manageable +2. Its not a fix, its a push in a direction to give the team on losing end, a fighting chance. Then its up to you + your teammates to take it or leave it.

Sure, I could understand a surrender option if the matches were long, but an average balanced match is 20min. A surrender option isn’t just the losing teams vote, you are also affecting the other teams gaming experience, essentially having to cast 10 votes. The feature wouldn’t solve the problem, and it would introduce more cons than pros, why you haven’t seen it yet.

If you keep getting a flat, making tyres cheaper doesn’t fix the root cause, perhaps removing glass and nails from your driveway would.


Sooo you leave your games constantly… hmmm.
I have a solution for you, most of the players now how to surrender but for you its not just free its mandatory to : UNINSTAL mate.
Leaver are the most hated in this community and here you are- blame the others. I prefer a “bad mouth” then a leaver. You are in fact ruin other people experience and come here and shove down the throat how bad we are.

Think of this: they play, you leave the have a chance to win you already lost. Dont enjoy the experience stop playing.


Today TL in Dragon Shire match starts:
Tychus is suicidal from the beginning
Our team is unable to do anything
Opponent gazlowe takes most camps
Opponent team takes every single dragon

It looks like an unwinnable game but I keep double soaking so even if we lose forts we are not that far behind in levels.

At some point on minute 15ish we gank gazlowe on a merc, as 5v4, we take dragon wipe them and win. I got MVP and felt epic.

If YOU want to surrender at minute 5 the game is lost.

Never give up.


Leave the game. You are part of the problem with this game. Seriously. Stop being a selfish kid and leave it, so you don’t ruin the match for everybody else