ITs still same old story


So I’ve been away for a month or so and came back, played some QM and won 4-5 in a row now I’ve lost third in a row. Its ALWAYS the same with this game. Win some games, get few noobs to ruin next games, swing swing the noob pendulum.

Honestly blizz, delete matchmaking, make it all random, it will work better.


These are my thoughts as well

It would also bring back meaning to the QUICK in Quick Match


honestly, after they changed hero roles, matchups are worse than when we got completely random matchups.
For example: both teams are without a bruiser or tank and our team has vikings while the enemy team has zarya.


true, zarya is the only issue,
she shud b classified as bruiser with a little nerf to her shields n buff to her damage.

tht will solve a lot of qm bad matchups


I think tassadar is also an issue since he can very much act as a healer especially when he has his healing talent.


Tassadar is not the same as a healer. And I think Zarya is classified as a support at least by Qm.


This is exactly what Quick Match SHOULD BE GIVING US

It’s supposed to be Quick


yup, its suppose to b quick n random

quick n random = clown fiesta , :smiley: , n thts wht QM is

QM suppose to be random, unbalanced, mad compositions, n something tht gives u this face = :confused:

the randomness n bad-compositions n odd MM of QM is what makes it unique

u definetly cant enjoy tht sort of madness in ranked :slight_smile: right xylord? :smiley:


Yeah…right…is still this almost great game had so many f cking dead brained EU young peoples. Look so ,for iur human race is so fcking hard to “work”/play together smart ,like a team.
And better you continue your long break or pause from game!.
The game is “nice drug”,wich hook in game,often. But this “nice drug”,can damage our minds,nevers . :frowning:
Of course exist great team cooperated young peoples,BUT they are low %!.
Come and play/farm with me in RIFT!.
There you will NOT feel sad,angry,dmg your never with these trashes young peoples!.


This is how Quick Match WAS and is supposed to be yes


To let us see which heroes the nine other players are picking and pick accordingly

And since heroes are NOT picked in advance when queuing for Ranked that’s ALL THE MORE REASON why searching Ranked is a sometimes FASTER option nowadays

I remember people complaining about being unable to play Healer when Anduin was released just because SO MANY PEOPLE were constantly spamming Anduin in Quick Match

If the heroes we were matched up with and against were totally random without any rules then it would bring TRUE MEANING back to the QUICK in QUICK MATCH once again

It’s supposed to be a fun mode

Now due to all these serious and angry players with their battlefield mentality we are unable to enjoy this game which was made with new player friendliness in mind

They even removed the AMAZING and ORIGINAL RAYNOR TUTORIAL because of the overly serious players WHO PROBABLY DO NOT EVEN PLAY THE GAME ANYMORE!

They did their damage and now have quit on our beloved game!

Anyone curious can find a part of the amazing Original Raynor Tutorial in the video here

I personally would rather have this new player friendly story based and fully voice acted tutorial than the bland and lifeless tutorial we have today

This very basic tutorial actually taught completely inexperienced people how to play and made learning fun for them

I see a LOT OF PEOPLE complain about people not knowing even the basics of the game from time to time

If you even complicate tutorials that are meant to be basic and easy to understand for completely new players THEN OF COURSE you will have people running around all over the nexus WITHOUT KNOWING HOW TO PLAY THE ACTUAL GAME!


the basic tutorial tht u get in the start of game, ( i remember it coz recently i helped a frend join the game n walked him through) , is like just plane shooting n q w e n R .

thts gud,

but the tutorial needs to add info which is very important,
like soaking xp, laning, mercs, and several other things that we learn overtime

this will drastically lower the % of ultra noobs newbies
not tht its bad or wrong to b a noob, everyone is a noob when he starts playing.
but all this knowledge embedded in the game tutorial can help a significant % of people who wil keep in mind abt the soaking n laning and other aspects,

coz 90% of the newbies think tht fighting against heroes n killing them is the core of this game… which is soo wrong


I have no complaints about this

However in the VERY FIRST AND MOST BASIC TUTORIAL you should only introduce the most simplest of things and THEN introduce the more complicated elements you have listed above in higher level tutorials that follow

Then the standard skill level of all players will rise as a result because they are actually learning on a level that makes them able to RETAIN and REMEMBER this information while ACTUALLY HAVING FUN

It’s no good if someone only learns ADVANCED techniques and strategies while neglecting the basics

Yes a lot of people actually do that

They play complicated heroes just to be more like Professional or Grand Master players and then complain about losing because their team didn’t adapt to their style of playing the game

For example a lot of Medivh players are often so busy with their Arcane Rift quest they don’t realize that they can help their team by revealing incoming enemy heroes and scouting out ambushes

They play in a style that often only helps themselves do better while not actually doing much for their team as a whole

And TEAMWORK is what needs to be emphasized in a new tutorial today


of course,
i didnt mean a full detailed tutorial

the basic tutorial shud include these things according to my understanding
1 = Game Controls - 5 mins (including little training sessions)
Q W E R D Z B V 1 2 3 AND Mouse clicks etc

2 = Brief Intro Heroes Classes - 1 min video informing new players
Tank, Bruiser, Healer, Support, Assassins

3 = Brief Intro on Maps in General - 1 min video informing new players
Towers, Forts, Keeps, Core, Mercs, Objectives

4 = Gameplay - 3 min video informing new players
Laning, Soaking, XP importance, Teamfights just in general

total time of 10 minutes for newbies,
thts more than enough,

and after the tutorial ends, they are told about a VIDEOS page where they can go and watch more detailed videos about gameplay and mechanics if they so wish it.


Clipper what do you think of the Amazing Original Raynor Tutorial?

I feel it is perfect and should be brought back with improvements

It almost makes me want to cry that they removed something so amazing that they made specially for this game

If you click Thrall enough times he’ll even TELL YOU about how there was an adventure about Raynor meeting Diablo XD

This was it!

I vote to bring this tutorial back and then for adding more complicated tutorials after that

Bonus funny video for all of you:

Have you ever wondered where our beloved characters go to when they die?

Now you have a hint! XD


haha, carbot ones r really funny,

n i just went through the reynor tutorial, its pretty informative, n has a storyline kind of a thing, doesnt look like a boring tutorial, but more like a animated game story where u get info too,

if they had tht before, i really dnt know why they removed it :open_mouth:


Yes it is really sad and I wish we had it back with improvements made to it while retaining all that was fun and good about it

After all we play this game to have fun right?

Fun should always be the number one thing

Also Clipper this is especially for you :laughing:

It is my hope that you become great with him someday


haha, yeah, im getting the attention of all those KT biggies, n gathering info,.
but this 10% speed buff only makes things more difficult n challenging now…
lets see wht happens :slight_smile:


To be honest I use to feel the same because you would always run into someone who was salty for some reason. There is about a 20% chance of running into someone like this so there is some logic in what I’m about to say. Always take you first game as a loss but it is normally one or two players who do not perform well or if you get someone salty it is a loss straight away. To counter this just invite the good players during the matches and you should improve your winrate. It will remove the chance of getting a really salty player who will throw matches and the arguement for the players who are invited is do you really want the chance of running into players who will throw matches, who are salty or lack playing skills. This will improve your experience. I have found it has worked


thts wht i hav been saying alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll this time

Go in a 5man party, = 90% issues AUTOMATICALLY get fixed