Lets get out of Bronze together

Hello all.

Im currently at B2, but would say i play like a silver2/1

My main tanks - Malganis - Blaze - Muradin
Healers - Reghar - Lili - Uther.

Im playing with my friend who are a diamond rank, but it’s not all the time he can play.
When i play alone i can’t get good teammates who knows what to do… So everyone just goes and dies… So im looking for players who want to help me out and play seriously. I would love to have people with at least silver rank to join me :slight_smile:

My battletag if you would be interested : Miko#22869

Good luck!
Cya in the Nexus

xbass#21193 add if you want, maybe we can play some together im also mainig tank but i dont mind to go heal or bruiser

Please add me - MarsAttack#21891
I have a bug and i can’t send you a friend invite.
I was rank 7 Team league in preseason.
New account - need mates to get out of Bronze