LF Dps/flex or solo laner for Lounge Div2 Team


Hey ,
Team EnCore 2 Seasons already on lounge. 1st season on Div2 (7W-3L),now Div3 (7W-3L) currently on play-offs, looking for a DPS/Flex OR an offlaner, to complete the roster for next season.
We offering good atmosphere, 2 seasons(with play-offs) experience and we blaming the healer for everything :smile: , we play together for sometime we enjoy this and sometimes in the end of the night we go for aram .

What we need from you:

  • wide hero pool good knowledge of your role and game
  • be High Diamond in HL(prob will be Div2/3 again)
  • being able to practice 4 times a week , practice starting at 20:00 CEST
  • Willing to improve both individually and as a team
  • Don’t care about win or lose especially on practice
  • have some resistant on intense moments and on the complains/criticism of the shotcaller
  • having a mic and being able to communicate in English
  • Draft skills will be good but not must
  • can commit to the team for one season
  • follow calls no matter agree or not(after the game will discuss and analyze)
    if you are interested for try-out(s) contact me for more info