LF players to climb SL with

Veteran player on EU is looking for players to play storm league with.
SL is difficult to climb as solo, so i am searching for players with similar mind to play with.
There is no commitment ! but, i play almost every day on the evenings , from around 20-21 cest till about 23 cest.
This is mostly for busy people who have busy lives but still wanna climb while having fun with similar skill & mind players.
I have thousends of games under my belt and my highest rank was Dia 4 and currently i am gold 4 trying to solo sh!t… i do much better with a group that dosent go 1v5 \ afk \ flaming \ etc…

Send me a PM with your bnet if you wanna play as 2\3\4\5 man

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add me we can play

hey yo… if its not late send request xbass#21193 atm i cant move from bronze 2, my highest rank is silver 3 but i play in golds with ez :slight_smile:
for highesst than that i can listen and fallow tactics, sadly didnt get chance to play with higher ranks :sa:

Hey i am Silver 4 atm, but if you would like to add me up, i would appreciate it as well :slight_smile:


Add me man - Dakatron#1201

ligue here is absolutely random. Your rank is depend only of luck, nothing else… Developers here doing everyting to make every match unbalance… never seen more useless workers as in blizzard… PARASITES

Actually in my experience I’ve noticed that your rank isn’t up to how good you play but mostly how well you can cooperate with teammates and that induvidual skill is the thing that increases your rank the least.

This is why many of you get frustrated at lower ranks so often because no matter how good you think you are you will never get to masters if you don’t learn how teamplay works in this game.

No often I can see someting clever on this forum. You done it. BUT if I play opositive team 3-5 players 70-90%wr, and blizzard forcing me playing with 20-40% opositive team of smurfs (-219 rank points match like that…) I dont believe is any person who will carry it ALONE.
I love to play supports or healers and I have good scores playing this. That kind of heroes require good coop skill. I dont know what I need to tell to my Raynor if he doing 7k dmg when I done as Uther 17k dmg…

Hi there! I also searching for teammates. My battletag is Flash28#21622. Hope we can play together.

Kinclave#2746 i can fill the role healer