LF players to climb SL with

Veteran player on EU is looking for players to play storm league with.
SL is difficult to climb as solo, so i am searching for players with similar mind to play with.
There is no commitment ! but, i play almost every day on the evenings , from around 20-21 cest till about 23 cest.
This is mostly for busy people who have busy lives but still wanna climb while having fun with similar skill & mind players.
I have thousends of games under my belt and my highest rank was Dia 4 and currently i am gold 4 trying to solo sh!t… i do much better with a group that dosent go 1v5 \ afk \ flaming \ etc…

Send me a PM with your bnet if you wanna play as 2\3\4\5 man

add me we can play

hey yo… if its not late send request xbass#21193 atm i cant move from bronze 2, my highest rank is silver 3 but i play in golds with ez :slight_smile:
for highesst than that i can listen and fallow tactics, sadly didnt get chance to play with higher ranks :sa: