LF Support for Lounge Div2 Team


Hello ,
Team EnCore (Div2) after a good first season , we lost on Tiebraker match for the playoffs, looking for a Support player. What we need from you :

  • can commit to the team for one season
  • being able to practice at least 4 times a week , practice starting at 20:00 CEST
  • Willing to improve both individually and as a team player
  • Don’t care about win or lose especially on practice and wants to
    try some weird draft not only meta picks
  • have some small resistant on intense moments of a game
  • having a mic and being able to communicate in English
  • suggestions on draft or in game are welcome

if you are interested for try-out(s) contact me for more info’s, ty for your time


Hi Ebekasa!

Some time ago we spoke ingame, but for then i was playing on an Amateur League.

I would like to know the time frame of each training. From 20:00 CEST to…?
Just to make sure!



We trying to have 4-5 times a week from around 20:00-23:00


Add me then. See my ID above.
We could try out.


Hi there,

Support main here, ready to join any time :slight_smile:


need your bnet to add you then


Lombardo#2222 and the post has to be 20 chars long


Hi there,

Would love to join for some try outs if you still have space (as sub or main) or are planning on having more teams.

I never give up until it’s actually game over or other team mates stop trying. Always in for fun (unusual) tactics and rotations.

I enjoy all classes and roles with some favourites in mind of course!