LF TL / Flex main looking for Season 1, 2019 team


Hiya. I’ve been playing Heroes of the Storm actively from the start of this Season and now want to get ready for 2019 with a party :slight_smile:

I play basically everything but mostly tanks (Johanna, Muradin, Arthas, Anub’arak), bruisers (Dehaka, Sonya) and healers (Malfurion, Stukov, Kharazim…). I rarely get the chance to play assassins in drafts but I’d pick Cassia, Fenix, Thrall and Li Ming as my favs.

I was placed Bronze in both HL and TL but I’ve been maintaining a 50%+ win rate for some while now. I believe in 2019 I’d get Silver or Gold in HL placements and would look to rise from there.

I’m a young adult from Finland but would like an international team. Mic would help.

I’m mostly available during the day (9 AM to 2 PM CET) and during the evening (6/7 PM to 8/9 PM CET). I started streaming some time ago and usually do that around 5-6 PM. Trying to keep a good sleep schedule so that’s why I don’t play late.

If this looks good then you can add me to talk or reply to this thread.

TL;DR: Tank+Bruiser+Healer…Assassin player (50%+) looking for day/evening time Team League party for 2019, Season 1. Mic would be appreciated.