LFG, All roles, skilled player, EU

Im looking for a team that wants to practise together in ranked and try to push for some small tornniments.

Name: Klein
From: UK, EU
Age: 30yo

Role: Flexi, im able to fill all roles though i do like playing battlefield control.
Favorite/Comfy heroes: Ming, Azmo, Samuro, Abathur, Zagara, Johanna
Current Rank: None but will go get ranked if you need it.
Highest Rank achieved: Diamond 1
My best maps: Blackhearts Bay, Garden of Terror, Warhead Junction
Favourite map: The origonal Mines map.

Alittle info about me:
I have a VERY SMALL pool of heros I DONT PLAY. im not terrible on these heros i just think all the other heros for that role can do it better.

I play allot of Aram and quick match right now because i dont have a team. I really enjoy playing with a try hard team who want to become a great team that can compete.

Hi Legendmir.

It’s nice too see you trying to reach out.

What i would recommend is list your prefered roles though you are flexible.

Also a tiny list of your Hero pool that you are really comfortable with.
And perhaps like alittle info about yourself, where are you from?
How old are you?

These things might matter to people, some look for mature people, some look for a team from their own country, and so on and so forth.
Also an idea is to make your “Resume” abit more formated.
Like this:

Name: Ngin
From: The northern parts of Norway
Age: 28 years old

Favoritte/Comfy heroes: Valla, Zul’jin, Auriel.
Current Rank: Diamond 2
Highest Rank achieved: Master 3600
My best maps: Tomb of the spiderqueen, Towers of Doom, Sky Temple.
Favoritte map: Alterac Pass

Alittle info about me:
Write something about yourself, could be fun facts, could be usefull things like do you prefer to use voice.
Do you mostly play QMs, are you looking for a serious team for ranked/tournaments.

Also as a last tip, i would suggest heading to the US forums, most players from EU are there, and so that is the more active forum.

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thank you for the tip. ill work on it