LFG for ranked - currently in Silver

Hi guys,

Just the usual complain about the state of ranked gaming. Anyone interested to team up? I’ve been playing on and off since Alpha and have good map awareness. I play healer but can tank with diablo and malganis.

I would love to team up with people who wont rage quite after first kill, play to win - not to loose and are happy to follow the pings and also understand that you can’t win them all but try to win as much as we can because flippin tired of bronze/silver/gold teams in solo q.

If we get 3 people - tank, dmg and me on heal i’m sure we can carry through silver!

Feel free to add me tribe#1364

will add u wen home.

Pretty much in the same boat as you. On and off since alpha, currently stuck in silver :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll add you.

This… this right here is what I like to hear.

I love your positive attitude.

I am not sure I can help. As much as I would love too join you, I am in Australia and playing NA region. Anything outside of NA and my ping slows too much.