LFG Ranked - Climbing out of Gold


Looking for a pal or pals, who have the will and patience to climb out of gold league.
Discord is preferable.
My highest league was plat1 so far.
Man, I am so bored :frowning:


Yeah man I’m in. Gold atm.

Have you added me yet?
What’s your battletag?

Hi P4rad0x, here my battletag: HellRaiser#22663. I’ve been playing since beta and I can adapt to any role.


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I too have been playing since Beta and was at gold 1. Rotted into bronze after a couple years of not playing.

I currently play about 4 hours a day…looking for people to play with.

I can flex.



gonna do my placement but looking to team up to climb gold++++ , too many trolls solo