Looking for a group to progress with


Hi. Name’s NonStop. Tag is NonStop2965.

I’ve been playing hots for about a year now. I’ve experienced more or less all of the highs and lows of the game at this point in every game mode there is. I’ve been feeling as though I have been dealt the poor end of the stick as far as my time in ranked has gone and I am looking to prove myself and improve with a proper group of players.

Proficiency. I would rate into 3(4 for some) categories how proficient I am with heroes, as well as roles.

Tank. Very proficient.

Mastery with Diablo and Arthas.
Very proficient with Muradin, Stitches, Varian and Garrosh.
Decent with E.T.C, Artanis, Blaze, Johanna, Anub’arak and Yrel.
Mediocre(Can improve if necessary) with Rexxar, Sonya, Leoric, Dehaka, Tyrael, Chen, Imperius, D.Va, Mal’ganis.
Haven’t played Zarya.

Support. Very proficient.

Very proficient with Deckard, Lucio, Lt.Morales, Auriel, Kharazim, Malfurion, Whitemane, and Rehgar.
Decent with Stukov, Li Li, Alexstrasza and Tassadar.
Mediocre(Can improve if necessary) with Tyrande, Uther.
Haven’t played Ana and Brightwing.

Assassin. Mastery.

Mastery with Fenix, Genji, Li-Ming, Gul’dan and Junkrat.
Very proficient with Falstad, Hanzo, Lunara, Varian(TB), Chromie, Kael’Thas, Valla, Jaina, Tychus, Alarak, Malthael, Cassia, Mephisto, Raynor and Orphea.
Decent with Kerrigan, Zul’jin, Greymane, Ragnaros, Samuro and Tychus.
Mediocre(By choice as I haven’t had much interest in these heroes) with Tracer, Zeratul, Kel’Thuzad, Illidan, Valeera, Maiev and Butcher.
Haven’t played Nova and Thrall.

Specialist. Very proficient.

Mastery with Medivh and Azmodan.
Very proficient with Abathur, Murky, The Lost Vikings, Nazeebo, Zagara and Xul.
Decent with Sgt.hammer, Sylvanas and Probius.
Haven’t played Gazlowe.

My most effective roles in any game is as Fenix in the off-lane or Medivh.

Hopefully there are enough people out there still looking to dwell in the competitive scene of this game. At the very least, how bad is the mmr amirite?