Looking for a team for SL (Healer Main)

Hey guys, I am looking for a full team to play ranked as 5, i am a healer main, i can play dmg dealer and few brusers if needed but i cant tank, i can play Auriel, Anduin, Alextraza, LiLi, Rehgar, Morales, Kharazim, Ana (on certain maps) and probably few others ones i cant recall now, i like to be on voice but i cant talk (for now) but as healer all i need is to hear my teammates and stuff i think being on voice really helps the team, been stuck in Bronze for a year now just because my PC had issues back then and game crashed few times, i was Silver 3 but i am stuck in bronze for a year now and cant get out, after 6 months of playing everyday i am finally bronze 3 my battle tag is Amethyst#21689

Hey man… I would like to play with you :slight_smile:

will add u …