Looking for friends to play casually on a regular basis. anyone interested?

I’m 30. I play casual, but am not opposed to getn competitive if I get good enough. I’ve only been playing Heroes for a few weeks now and am hoping to find some like minded peeps. hit me up.

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hey, :slight_smile:
Its gud tht u joined the forums,
post ur issues here, n read up, u wil learn the game much faster by being on forums :slight_smile:

And what are the heroes you play as of now?
whts ur MAIN hero so far?

I can party up with u have some fun in the nexus,
i play everyday almost between 4pm CET and 8pm CET

I am the most casual of all casuals and I play quite often

Will be happy to have you as a friend

ZombiUchiha#1782 in the Europe Region right?

You can add me too for casual games :slight_smile:


You can add me too for casual games

hey there!

we have a nice community in -Gamers Hub- a discord channel with 70+ people playing different games, we also have a MOBA (hots) section.

here you can hang out, easy ask for groups, get news for your games and just chill :slight_smile:, we are Mostly 18+ BUT! everyone are welcome!

hope to see you in there!


You can add me, although i play mostly storm league. I’m older than you so I’m rarely angry on this game.

You can add me if you like, I play most nights - Tully122#2375