Lucio over 100k dmg in a match?


So I’m not allowed to include links in my posts idk why, but today I had a match vs a team with a Lucio healer who was top dmg by far above everyone on his and our team. He had done 100k dmg and I’m not entirely sure how?

I’m not sure how this has happened but how has it happened? Someone explain?


What are you on about mate?


Lucio attacks even while moving as you already know

It tends to add up to a surprising amount

He also has access to the Reverse Amp talent which causes slow but sustained damage to any enemy hero nearby when he uses Amp It Up with Healing Boost active

And finally:

He has the Mixing Fire talent at level twenty which can turn him into a bit of an Assassin capable of doing slight burst damage which can finish off almost any hero if they their health is low

While Lucio is indeed mainly a Healer

A lot of people don’t realize that he can do so much more


I get that but outdamaging all the assassins including alarak is a bit ridiculous.


Is possible if your teammates play so safe,defensive…,soaking,camps,die too many times…
I never see such player to now in my 4 years game life.
Is clear such guys is so f cking high skilled,macro(play like Master).
I either play Lucio so well (old vers.,new vers.)…but i cant do that! :slight_smile:

eh…shame…if can only watch this replay…::slight_smile:


Ridiculous but not impossible

Alarak also need to keep hitting his abilities consistently and constantly without dying to have high damage and can only really do it against heroes

So he’s not much competition for Lucio compared to someone like Raynor