Make ARAM role choices more helpful

So I get that the R in ARAM means random but in other games, if you play ARAM you get random, no choice of 3, you get what you are given. I like that in HoTs I get a choice of 3 so I can pick whichever hero I enjoy most but I absolutely hate it when only 1 person gets a healer and decides that they don’t want to heal so they pick an assassin, most of the time, the other team had the same situation but they picked a healer so they end up stomping us. Usually, when you ask why that player didn’t pick the healer they use the excuse “I can’t play them”, but the way I see it, there is an easy solution to this, make the 3 choices based on a role so you get a choice of either 3 healers, damage dealers or tanks. At least this way neither team is at a disadvantage because they don’t have a healer.

Its an old idea. But it sounds fairish to me. Even so qm does the same and balance can differ quite a lot as some heroes or classes do vary quite a bit.