Malthael last rites vs Maiev Jump

there is something really wrong with the heroic ability of Malthael " last rites" when applied to maiev , if Maiev uses her jump she can actually negate the effect, while malthael last rites is actually based on her health so maiev jump shouldn’t really be able to keep her alive. so Blizzard fix that thing.

There is no misleading mechanic, bcz Maiev is invulnerable to any of the affects, it is like her Divine Shield for 0.25 second

no mistake there, Maiv is during her jump immune to any stun, slow, rooting and damage that is trying to take place during her jump. Its just her way to avoid last rites just like Karazim can use his seven palm strike to negate last rites or Kael’Thas pyroblast. Its just a tactic advantage, wanna apply last rites to Maiev, force her to jump first, then use wraith strike to teleport to her and apply last rites then she is dead, presuming you have done enough damage.

Maiev jump is a 0.25 second long invulnerability skill with a 20 second cooldown. There is no bug here.