Matches unfair in TL and HL constantly


Can you check my mmr calculation? There could be some errors as last night I encountered TL match which gave me 183 for win even thought the match was found really fast(under estimated wait time). I seem to encounter all the time also uneven matches, which are not fair for me and my team. It feels like I’m forced to lose after some wins. HL is quiet awfull for me at the moment, have been plat player and now Im gold? I cant even carry my team as their skill level is totally different than enemy. When I have seen others streams, the games have been more even.


No mate, thats even, coz Blizzard says so. I just came here, after a tone of lost matches, because Blizzard decided to match 5 gold 1 players against 4 silver + 1 plat player, and told us thats even. So the match lasted for 10 minutes, and we (oh my god) lost. Surprise.
I really like this game, and i really try to play this game, but when it comes to matchmaking, it makes me leave it again coz its broke. Im just wondering, how many times am I going to come back to play this game, coz one time Ill be gone and not back again.
Who will beat me, and will announce his unfair matchmaking history ?
4 lost in a row, just coz matchmaking. God bless Blizzard.


I lost about 16 games a row with negative wr and wasnt even bad. It is also incredible unfair that few heroes are just above everything. I have wr of about 70 with diablo. Also the malganis, orphea, azmodan all of broken in right hands. What is this hero balance? :smiley: Doesnt sound justified to release hero and make it OP right away.