Matchmaking in Quick Match is broken

How one team can get 2 tanks, while there is a lack of tanks in the game?
At the same team an enemy team is getting more ranged assassins.
There is no way to win and after several attempts the team is just stand in the base or close the game.
I never saw more than 1 healer in random teams unless healers are in the same party.
Why this cannot be done the same for tanks?

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All I know is I get people yelling at me and threatening to report me

Thats nothing. YEsterday i played “random” (all heroes, and i have all of them) , and they gave me a third tank instead of a healer .

QM is not a serious game mode. Never was, never will be. They should NEVER have added QM in the game in the first place, but they did to promote sales of skins…

Heroes is a draft-oriented game. It is fundamental at its core, there are almost no generic heroes in the game, all have a niche. So basically most of the time in QM, the matchmaker has already decided who will win and who will lose. It is not just having a tank for one team but not the other, not simple things like that. It may be for example in a game with no healers, one team getting immobile melee assassins like butcher and ragnaros and the other time getting poke-oriented heroes who nuke them from orbit every time… Or for example, a team having all tanks and no assassins (and the other being more balanced), so they can do no damage… Stuff like that happen all the time in QM.

Just stop taking QM seriously. If you want to play the game more competitively, play a draft mode.

not only qm. ranking matches are broken more… if you draft platinums party 90-100%wr against gold silver in your team you get -218 points. and you play like that 3 matchews a raw. because moro.ns cant do normal cript

Until blizard employe moro.ns as development there is no chance to better game… the game is dead now.

if you work blizard studio you must by 60-70iq

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That’s nothing! Every match there’s 2 or more complete noobs in my team, who doesn’t leave the lane, don’t go objective, big nothing.

Write this, a game that should be competitive should never ever have a fixed matchmaking. Some people say “don’t play QM” ok, but draft and ladder is dead in my region, 10 minutes + to find a match.

Blizzard in the past was fantastic, everything was great. Today, it’s a complete waste of time, a big garbage that can’t do anything right.

blizard developers they so awfull they will destroy immortal game like gta5 in maximum 2 days… so reta.rds people…

15 losses and 3 victories in 2 days, it looks like all morons from the region are getting to my team…
Or setup that can’t win… I’m surprised that still there are people playing in this

Same happened to me in the last 2 days. Before I was playing with nice people, straight forward, cool games.
In the last 2 days, it’s complete misery. What I can’t understand is, people who are awful have a 55%+ w/r, no joke, people that die 10 times in 5 minutes!

there is script to make EVERY match no balance. Works like that mix to one team all with better wr and all others with worse wr to another match. like one team everybody has wr 1000-3000 and another team 10-20wr. ranking is a lot worse… admins destroyed this game with their bird brains

It is totally busted. Heroesprofile /Match/Single/52922959 take a look at this game, not only is the winning team 4 player premade but their average mmr is almost 300 higher.

game is lost - blizard sent all mor.ons from studio to carry the game