Maximum placement in ranked


i recently started playing hots again after a longer break and i have started a new account since i lost access to my old one.
back in the day i used to travel back and forth between low masters and dia 1 and i have gotten there by grinding up from gold 5 (my mmr was horrid, since hots was my first moba back then i tanked it from the start). going through gold and platinum was painful and a horrid experience which i planned on skipping with my new account (i guess that qualifies as smurf although it’s my main now) by simply playing well and getting a high mmr seed from qm once i have my 16 heroes at lvl5.
now i have been told in ingame chat that the max placement in ranked is gold 1. back in my days the maximum placement was dia 1.
since i couldn’t find any confirmation for that, i wanted to ask here if somebody could tell me what the maximum placement from qm seeded mmr for ranked first timers is.
if it’s really true that it’s gold 1 then i’d honestly rather give up. i’m a bit older now and my blood pressure isn’t what it used to be so i don’t think i can handle the horrors of gold and plat mentally and physically.

thank you for your time


They are right, Gold 1 is the maximum seed you can get, but if you win the placements matches, you can up to Platinum 1 if im not mistaken.


Diamond 3 is the maximum. The devs said they don’t want to put people directly in top leagues(M and GM).


Gold 5 is maximum seed and you cant get higher than Plat 5 from there for new ranked players.

-patch notes