Maybe a crazy idea but


Im disagree with you…because such players are high game skilled and in real life sports MVP is a lot from matter! Google it mvp.


This game is MUCH easier to carry than lets say LOL. A reasonable player will keep winrate above 60%. A good one 65%+ through lower leagues.


MVP is almost never the guy who deserves it.

There I fixed it.


Google result of MVP isnt the same thing as the actual title in the game, i hope you know that.

In HL on average Azmodan will get the MVP 20% of his games and Garrosh will get it 3% of the time for example.

Its all about padding them stats.


I tried to say that MVP will never be someone who was dragging team down. It will almost always be a person who played their role well. You will never see MVP with 12 death, never see a healer who healed 15 % of damage dealt… The only undeserving MVP is specialist that pushes entire game, doesnt come to objectives and gets MVP for high siege damage, even tho that damage would be much more usefull in teamfight. MVP in sports is based on opinions of professional analytics and their voting, not on some numbers…


IMO they should just dissolve the rewards almost completely, just bring all the players to be voted on to the end screen instead of the random 5 who managed to pad their stats the best and die the least.

Losing teams Stukov might have been the playmaker of the game but the team never managed to follow up.

Also thats probably the most accurate you could get to a performance based adjustment, using the 10 players of the game and their individual judgement of skill instead of a blind stat reading algorythm that doesnt know anything about positi8ning and the suttle little things on the battlefield like dodging skillshots and such because you cant see that in the stats.