Maybe a crazy idea but


What if they made it so that you can’t get demoted in a game when you’re the MVP.

A demotion would only be from a loss and if you are a losing team MVP then odds are you’ve been playing really well and don’t ‘deserve’ that demotion.

The promotion/demotion system is meant to put you in the rank where you belong skillwise and while MVP is most certainly not the best indicator of how good or impactful you actually were, to be on the losing team but MVP is quite rare and usually only follows quite a performance, from my experience. So then you perhaps don’t belong lower than you currently are, hence no demotion?

Thoughts? Why good/why bad? All bad? :stuck_out_tongue:


MVP assignment is random, most of the times.
It’s based on stats and sometimes it’s not stats that makes the true MVP


hmm…maybe yes…good solutione. when we achieve MVP of promotione phase…a tleast we would be immunized.
Why not?! :slight_smile:

In mine topic " Make HoST.most.epic game in gameing industry this year"…

My point is about theae increased ranked points based of these 20 achievements.
With these increased points we can offset with high % a chance all our loses games.
Or also that mean…if.we achieve often these 8 much more important achievements,mean is like similar personal actions or game skill in game. Or a tleast this show who player is improved or learn the game fast. And such points can saparate from players wich are low skilled or xp-ed.

That why i did suggested these increased ranked points.
I.mean is not need such immun mechanic do not lose our promotion games with MVP achievement. Or would be usless.
Otherwise is good solutione.
With such immun mechanic achievment…we would try do our best or play so carefuly and assist alot or show our game skill or xp.
I like it.


Is really good idea!
Can be socound variant…
If someone do not die after 18 lvl in game, also be immunized from lose promotione game.
With this way… a tleast we would try our best or to play so carefuly.
Why we shooluld be punish equal with other team players ?!
Such immun mechanic need necessarity!!!
But unfornately Blizzard team not read all commemts and topics and would not be added in his future plans.
Indeed this huge his mistake.
How then you want hold on more players and earn more money?!


Then people will learn the algorithim on how to MVP and will abuse it.
Suddenly they can lose 15 matches in a row but never demote cause they abuse the MVP system.


Absolutelly no. Easy to abuse by avoiding many situations like the objective in favor of pure stats.


Bad idea I think. Getting MVP is nice but it does not mean much. The other post game awards mean nothing and in some cases encourage poor play.
This as others have stated would be exploited. Some heroes are also much easier to get MVP with than others due to being good at more aspects of the game ie. decent hero damage, wave clear, ability to get camps and survivability.


ya this game need THIS!

it may not be exactly MVP

BUT good player NEED lost less rank point or (0 point) if play well even though his RND team lost!!!


MVP is not random, it’s primarily based on a combination of your main ingame stats Siege/Hero Damage, K/D/A, healing done, damage prevented, and damage taken (for tanks). Some of the secondary concerns are mercenary camps taken, saving others from dying, high damage/healing in team fights and in general all of the various things you can get a post-game medal for.

Some heroes lend themselves more towards getting the stats that count more for MVP than others. This is usually due to their kits being tailored towards getting a high amount of kills (or at least put out lots of Hero Damage) while staying alive and having decent ability to siege buildings.


I think the most important stat for the game is time spent alive .


A good player will win his next games and get the rank back anyway.


Post game medals? I saw Stukovs died like 12 times but, hey, 45 seconds silence… wow, awesome.

Those rewards are most of the times random. And random means that elements (mostly numbers) considered to assign MVP are important, but not sufficient, and the MVP badge means almost nothing most of the times. Because most of the times winning plays don’t involve numbers and statistics, but only good plays that can’t be measured with numbers.
How does MVP system considers ETC mosh pit on 4 people at min 20? I consider it a winning play.
How does MVP consider Falstad gust into choke point, setting up total party kill? I consider it a winning play.
But in those cases, there are no numbers, so it is never counted in MVP and post-game medal.

Since those and many others events are not considered in the MVP assignment, it is random - meaning it should be considered not important as someone could think.


Again, I’m talking losing team MVP, that’s not easy and definitely does not happen randomly. My guess is that 90+% of the time, the MVP is from winning team.


It’s still not random. The word you’re looking for is sensible.

If it was random you could have the MVP be someone from the losing team who died more than everyone else, did less damage than everyone else, never hit any skill shots or participated in objectives. But that doesn’t happen because MVP is actually based upon the factors I describe.


Time spent alive is also a big factor though, for sure =) But I think that’s good because hopefully people eventually see the pattern and learn that staying alive is a good thing and they’ll be less likely to feed for nothing ^^


I’m sorry, let me explain further.
I am not not using the C1 english meaning, I am using the informal meaning: Cambridge dictionary says that “random” means (informally) “unknown and unexpected in a particular situation; strange or unusual”.

So when the system assigns MVP, for sure it takes into account all the factors you specified. But the final result does not mean the MVP player is the real MVP, that’s because some factors are not included in the equation for MVP… are you still following?
How would you think the sistem takes into account an ETC 4 men winning mosh at min 20 for the MVP assignation? How about a Malfurion hitting every single root (so no damage, no stats, almost no factors for MVP badge, but still lot of utility for all the team)? Those plays are important for the final result of the game… I’m talking about all those factors that are not included in MVP equation.

So you are setting up an equation for MVP including many important factors, but still not all the factors. Of course, the equation is functionally correct, but in the end the MVP badge (equation result) could be wrong. The result can be “unknown and unexpected in a particular situation; strange or unusual”, in one word, random.

If you don’t like the word, I can change it, but I don’t think sensible explaing that thought at all. We could use meaningless maybe? In the end the important thing is to understand the point, I guess.


Well, I don’t think anyone is claiming the MVP system is perfect =) That would be impossible to designate perfectly even with a panel of judges watching every game!


Good player is totally dependent on four other players.
Only Chuck Norris win every game with 4 afk


Chuck Norris wins every game even if he is afk.


I think it is a good idea. MVP is almost never a guy who doesnt deserve it…