Mephisto underrated/overlooked?


After purchasing him I’ve noticed I always manage to top the damage done with his Q spec.

I checked hotslogs and he had like 35% winrate in masters in current week and his winrate has drastically dropped since release. Is it because people just build around his global R and not many try the other ultimate?

My Alarak has 80% winrate since I started climbing, although I’ve played him the most on Bronze - Silver 1 and started maining Mephisto, I still managed to hold 76% winrate with him.

And the people I was matched with, many of them complained that Mephisto does “s— damage” and after game everyone was surprised that I managed to top the damage charts.

I guess there’s heroes like Zeratul who can be very disruptive in higher elo and Mephisto doensn’t really have escape when being trapped in a void prison. Anyone playing him on master successfully?

Just wanting to know in advance whether I should spend in game currency for the skin, I’m now in 300 gems/shards or whatever.


Mephisto is definitely one of the highest dmg output dealers. Not many heroes can outdmg properly played mephisto. Nothing wrong with building that one up


Overlooked a lot for sure since theres just mages with easier abilities to use.


Yep why play meph when ktz can 1 shot 2 people after getting caught himself…? Meph is fine but there are too many totally op mages atm


I do not have any statistics, but there is definetly a shift in the meta and Mephisto is played more regularily. And I agree that he is usually underrated by comparison with strangely overrated mages (e.g. the weird pick/ban popularity of Kealthas atm).

Nonetheless, he has a very high skill cap and people in higher leagues usually pay attention where Mephisto teleports back to and if his ult is on CD. I imagine though that a good Mephisto players is quite sucessful up to Diamond/Platinum.


Mephisto’s Shade “teleport” tends to be his biggest weakness since it telegraphs his future position for easy enemy skillshots. You have to take a level 20 talent with a lengthy cooldown (60 seconds last I checked) to have a chance of outsmarting your opponents with it, unless you’re facing AI players or Mr. “I can charge into the enemy fort to focus down their tank”.

And if you don’t use it you’re giving up a decent portion of his utility.


He is a wild card like Kel Thuzad. If in good hands and against proper team he is terrifying. He piles the numbers but is hard to focus and make the decisive blow. Apart from the obliterating heroic (that can be countered easy by a good healer though. The problem is not him, his existence in the game pleases me. It is that characters like Li Ming, Kael, Jaina are just too OP and versatile. And you should not refer to HOTSLOGS what to play. It is what makes you happy. The Lord of Hatred should not concern himself with the opinion of the mortals (or their incompetence in playing with him).