Mephisto underrated/overlooked?


After purchasing him I’ve noticed I always manage to top the damage done with his Q spec.

I checked hotslogs and he had like 35% winrate in masters in current week and his winrate has drastically dropped since release. Is it because people just build around his global R and not many try the other ultimate?

My Alarak has 80% winrate since I started climbing, although I’ve played him the most on Bronze - Silver 1 and started maining Mephisto, I still managed to hold 76% winrate with him.

And the people I was matched with, many of them complained that Mephisto does “s— damage” and after game everyone was surprised that I managed to top the damage charts.

I guess there’s heroes like Zeratul who can be very disruptive in higher elo and Mephisto doensn’t really have escape when being trapped in a void prison. Anyone playing him on master successfully?

Just wanting to know in advance whether I should spend in game currency for the skin, I’m now in 300 gems/shards or whatever.


Mephisto is definitely one of the highest dmg output dealers. Not many heroes can outdmg properly played mephisto. Nothing wrong with building that one up


Overlooked a lot for sure since theres just mages with easier abilities to use.