[MGC] Multi-Gaming-Community


Multi-Gaming-Community [PC]

Looking for a PC gaming community to join and help build ?, Then look no further lads and ladettes.

I’m in the process of building a gaming community from the ground up, I have a basic discord server setup and am in need of real people to join #foreveralone (The bots are starting to form a union).

The aim of the community is going to be a pretty simple one. My goal is to create a very active community with populated channels with people playing during all times. That’s right, I’m looking for no-lifers like myself to game with as much as possible.

If you are already a member of a small party, guild, clan or community then you’re more than welcome to join and create your own sub channel/private room, I’m hoping to do this as it will create a more active and diverse community while helping groups keep their individuality. So if you have a team of pros but you feel you want to chill out with more people then you’re more than welcome to join while still keeping your team intact and private if you wish.

Age, ability and all that stuff isn’t important, I’m just looking to build a very active community.

There is no set list of games that will be played, if you have friends that like a game or form a group that likes X game then a channel will be created for you. Leadership is going to be simple, just a few admins for the Discord itself then each joining group will have it’s own admin for it’s channel or individual admins for the genre/game channels. Anyone who has a lot of experience with Discord are more than welcome to put their stamp on it if you’re willing to help.

Don’t be afraid to join and message me, I’ll hop right on and we’ll just pick a game and play.

The rules are simple, don’t be a complete douche. Anything else goes >:).

Discord address discord.gg/YhzWYN9