Mirror matches in ARAM

I have seen alot of comments saying that the % of mirror matches is really low and “I barely see any mirror matches when I play”. Well I think those comments are from players who play 1-2 matches every now and then. I have had at best 4 mirror matches in a row and I refuse to play this garbage so I end up leaving. Mirror matches doesn’t have any flavor and they end up lasting 20 minutes so I’d rather leave than spend 20 minutes not having fun. Regular ARAM is fun despite having mouthbreathing teammates whose parents are siblings since the match will have variety in the hero picks.

Just remove the mirror matches…

You try persvade someting to subppl… they intelect is below worm… Dont expect good changes in this game anymore

To help understand the challenge better, I would ask how many of those matches you won, but it sounds like you quit them all, and 4 or less quits seems like enough to put you in quitter queue.

I had a Orphea mirror after several games of no mirrors. Honestly, they are super rare for me. Personally, I call it the true test of skill, which is what I think players hate. It stinks to be on the team that is less skilled with a hero than the other side or picks bad talents for the matchup.

In the end, my team was the better teen eldritch waifu players. We didn’t know how to feel about that title either.