Most roles are a joke. 0 fun to play in QM


Reddit post said it best:

“Blizzard told us they wanted to steer away from supports being heal bots but they just continue to point them further in that direction. No wonder very few want to play this role because they can be nowhere near as fun as an assassin or tank who can single handedly make plays and win games.”

Why are you doing this? Tyrande was freaking AMAZING in her first build, her 1st reworked talents were okay, but now after multiple reworks she’s only a healer with maybe 10% chance for damage output increase. …BUT WHY?

I go and level up support roles (or Abathur) and every game is painful loss where I have little to say for anything. Even with master level plays I maybe able to snipe people off only if team already doing well and we got like 5 level lead and enemy has braindead idiots in their team.

And Warriors are pretty much same category as healers. In fact unless you main assassin, you’re unable to actually do much. Every single assasin can soak lanes and make good trades, thus they’re able to gain team experience advantage. Most assasins have devastating ultimates (especially those like Zeratul) that are able to basically win or lose the game. I get that Void Prison is kinda thing for Zeratul, but I think this sort of power should be locked in such way that it’ll be used to isolate targets, rather than to initiate.

There should be way more crowd control power granted for supports and more damage to tanks. I had so many games with Diablo leveling up to 5 where enemy was pretty much unwinnable just because the QM gave me bad teammates and bad team combos, so once again I was stuck doing basic rotations and trying desperately to setup some kills but most of them failed simply because even with Diablo the damage isn’t always enough to kill a target unless your other player also has a crowd control they can reliably apply and deal damage. Assassins are just simply superior in every way to influence games.

This isn’t criticism against shared experience. I think it’s great and allows nobody on enemy team to get out of hand like in other games. But compared to other games, this game has very hard time getting anything done by yourself.

In high competitive matches it doesn’t even get really better other than fact that most people know to build setups and soak lanes, where in low elo I’m currently it’s very hard to influence anything and games in QM are random toss, especially with support roles.

My account used to be GM Rank with preseason Rank 1 and I explicitly deleted the account because being paired with noobs nonstop and being silenced for “!”#¤ing soak bot someone" type of chat, so I know what I’m talking about when I’m pretty much set for loss. If grandmaster support player in League of Legends can’t influence winrate more than maybe 5% on a bronze game, there is a problem. If DotA smurf on Bronze goes and makes awkward Crystal Maiden attack damage support, she’s probably still able to carry even when the role isn’t traditionally suited for damage dealing from autoattacks. In this game game you pick Warrior or Support and your winrate is 50% even when your past 20 games with damage dealers were win and then every single healer and warrior game was loss. I had 9 losses in row with 4 times GM rank skill, that’s unacceptable.

Stop thinking that the game is perfect and that the community is the reason why nobody plays, stop thinking that the reason nobody is playing is because people just aren’t used to the game and it’ll eventually get popularity once things kick off, they won’t. Your game is objectively bad because it’s constant enforcement of a team.

There is plenty of things right in this game. Mercenaries are a fun thing and way better than just killing monsters in a jungle. It’s great not to last hit and actually rotating and trying to find kills. But the sheer fact that killing takes coordinated effort, and especially this Wood V I’m apparently stuck with healer roles everyone just blindly goes and 5v5 in middle because on 50% of their games they always get a leading kills there, nobody actually cares about winning or thinking if their setups is strong enough to actually fight there.

I’m like 5 days in after creating new account and I’m already having major regrets of even attempting to enjoy this game.

Fix your god damn game.

Also as a returning player I’ve noticed the hero prices have not dropped AT ALL. I mean I was off like 1.5 years and since coming back I see Zul’Jin still being 10k and Anubarak still being 4k for like 6 years… when does your greed stop? You do realize any new player has to continuously spend more time to achieve the hero pool?

With this speed of not dropping anything and creating new heroes I’m probably going to be playing this game next 20 years just to catch up with the hero pool, basically means this is unreachable goal to anyone who’s not willing to drop thousands of euros into the game.

This level of limiting progress pretty much means that I’ll be ONLY focusing on unlocking Assasins and thus it’s basically like you’re being limited to only picking bottom lane carries in League of Legends.

I tell you what, I have every single champion in LoL and if I was forced to grind that game again from scratch, I’d rather just kill myself.

Are you so desperate to imitate EA? Your design decisions are a joke and even average forum dweller would be able to design better gaming experience.

I’m a competitive player and I love perfecting play-styles… but it is a freaking MOBA and having a large pool of different roles to choose is A GOOD THING. No wonder everyone in League Community has said season 8 and season 9 are the worst seasons ever, because they force you into 1-2 trick and screw you over anyway because all the 3rd party websites offering tools to pull any higher MMR player down by constant focus on their lane. League of Legends already has bad reputation of only having 2 important roles: Jungle and Mid, rest are just garbage roles to get ganked on.

Why force this same design philosophy of focusing on 2 roles that have actual influence on game (damage specialists and Assasins) on this game as well?

And what about QM and lack of ability to adapt into situations? I gave a post idea about Summoner Items like 1.5 years ago and apparently none of this got heard?

Brief post of my Global Item idea:
https : // / forums / en / heroes / topic / 17617633437

Global Items
"We could have “items” or whatever you want to call them, Nexus Tools, Spellcrafts… but their idea would be to cover up whatever team deems needed, not in the way to make hero differences totally obsolete, that’d be ridiculous statement, but to make up for missing a key features on setups.

QM is also suffering majorly from lets say lacking a specialist on solo lane to push and harass enemy. Imagine if you could have 2 people just get an item to force a lane to get more push value, similarly how Azmodan trait works. We could have Kodo Beast (warcraft 3) that has Orc slamming battle drums, making effectively talent like Mercenary Lord universal pick, rather than just being a 1 man idea. Then you could have an assassin to try defend this Kodo Beast instead, making it not that obvious win for just having a different hero against one another.

But hey, maybe this specialist now kinda wants to challenge this assassin defending Kodo Beast, what could he get? Maybe he wants to just kill a minion and damage enemies around it with a spell? Could we get something like “Annihilate Weaklings” a strange abyssal monster rising from below to kill minions and mercenaries on chosen area.

Maybe team is lacking tank so hero like Murky could get a temporary 75% shield on himself that lasts 3 seconds, in order regain health with his regen build and then keep going down with the backlane, while others are trying to get rid of him.

Something like this could add major interest in this game and alter these premade games in QM which seem to be over before game even starts."

I mean does Blizzard have 0 interest on actually making their games successful anymore? Ever since the 3rd expansion of WoW the company has gone downhill really freaking fast. Individualism is gone. Punishing for mistakes is largely gone unless you can somehow magically convince 0 ELO players to join up and fight with you. What is left is in-app purchases and pretentious nonsense Blizzcons with old Blizzard fans desperately craving for better experience.

I don’t think I’ll be coming back for more than Warcraft III Reforced, this game is pretty much on the wastebin, even if it really shouldn’t be.


I am sorry to disappoint you, but Tyrande is currently considered to be the 2nd best healer in the game (after Ana of course).

Addendum: maybe the 3rd best, Anduin seems rather good :slight_smile:


I came back after i quit in January,and i have to say i like the changes in the game currently.How they revisted older champs,and they are updating them constantly,like an ever shifting world.(same as they do in LoL)
I agree the champion prices need readjusting,and the rewards need to be up’ed a bit.There are far more champs now since Hots 2.0. and the rewards need a bit of looking into.Also the heroic deals,if people like to buy them self champions for rlm.
QM is always that random card,and you can hate it or love it.Same as with my hate/love relationship with heartstone.I always get to rank 5 in 2 days,but everything else is just pushing it same with Hots.

LoL for new players is a disaster to get in.Too many champions=too long learning curve,and god forbid if you are a collectors and want to open your vallet.I have something like 200E on LoL spent,back in 2015-16 when i completly moved out of LoL.Hots is for me a better place,since on bnet i can track on my friends and the ones i make i can play diffreint games on the app,and easier to stay in contact with them.

Overal my point is the game is in a good place,i like the improvments the guys are doing.Hope a CM gets the massage throe some of them :slight_smile: It sux when people dont appricate your work,or never get any recognition.


Surprising to see reddit actually criticizing the game, the subreddit is known for sucking blizzard off for every little thing they do right and not acknowledging the mistakes and terrible decisions the “devs” make.


I love playing healer atm I don’t see the problem really


Good job linking a 9 month old post that complains supports like Ana see no action… as it that is relevant now…