New PTR Patch notes - Lucio + Chromie rework


What do you guys think?


New Lucio ult doesn’t seem that strong based on the the notes. I guess it can’t be worse than reverse amp at least so that’s positive. We’ve only been asking for new ult to Lucio instead of reverse amp since start so better late than never :wink:


After reading all the changes Lucio and especially Chromie id only say - God help us .
Blizzard staff looks like someone who just landed on Earth . Dear sweet God almighty .
edit: Aaaand there goes another month + for a new hero meanwhile Chromie gets fully reworked second time for the past year .


Teamwide cleanse every 15 seconds with a heal on top (:


I’ve heard some people joke about 1 vs 9 games but that’s a reality for you? That’s 75s CD for regular people who play with team of 5 people, 15s CD for each allied hero. If you happen to have rexxar that’s 90s CD or 105s with TLV :dizzy_face:


When I heard about the downgrading developers news, I thought, at least they will stop with the reworks
Well, no such luck
I use to main Valla, they reworked it, so I stopped playing her. Then I’ve mained Kharazim, same story. Now I will loose Chromie as well, it seems, who is my fav atm.
Oh well, it will be easier to move on


Can work good.
I`m more interested for League.Ok there is just one Storm League,so ou will be able to play your higher rank from TL and HL,if i get that right?
Will we continue playin the same,or again matches for rank first?
Couse end of seasson is soon guess next month and this patch is kind a for few days if I get it right?


I did try out in PTR, and to be fair, it doesnt look that bad, than before. I have lost Chromie, with the W build - this is how I played her from the beginning - but it looks interesting enough for the Q build…
Maybe it wont be that bad after all, only different, I will give her a chanse before abandoning her for sure

EDIT: Than before - like I had to abandon my other mains, like Valla, and Kharazim


So great patch. Only problem is this defite what exactly wich players deserve his league. I mean about this new strict rule in ranked , this 2 leagues difference not be alloed to play with his friends if his achieve own leagues is over 2 leagues. With this way maybe would lose.more players, because they want play together. Is so good only for these players with smurf accounts wich want to be boosted with his friends and with this new Ranked stict rule is so good for these players wich had similar game skill. I understand very well why they want we be matched with similar MMR game skill or be " fair". But problem is in this defite who player deserve his league , because this current MMR system is
not work with perfect way or MM . They .must add such rule only if MMR or MM can define perfectly his deserve league. Otherwise is good sulutione for this current game situacione. Because they cant do something different solutiones or find
other perfectly ways.


I didnt get thtat part clear,for 2 Leagues difference.Gold is playable with Silver and with bronze.???but Not playable with Master. Platinum cant play with Bronze
Diamond with Silver.l
At start will worg fine,after while bug wil show up


I’ll be honest… Lucio’s changes are odd, but not unwelcome…
His offense goes up but his support goes down. Making him more the hybrid like he is in OW. I don’t hate it :open_mouth:

But… Chromie’s changes… NO.
People say it’s a good change but I say opposite.
Yes she can lane more and shoot more, great!
But now she’s a generic mage and no longer the sniper.

I did say I would prefer a faster short range chromie… but ONLY if it allows her to her talents to change this.
Give up snipinig for more generic mage fighting or buff her range and damage for her sniping abillities in talents… but they just made her fully like this.

Also I hate the time trap changes to be honest. It’s not terrible to be honest… but the old time traps jjust seem to be usefull to keep her on her toes and self defend or keep gank routes shut down.

The new time traps take that away… again making her more a generic mage/junkrat. I am honestly not happy with this since everything that made her unique is gone… ooh we got people can’t see the circle anymore? …For losinig everything else that makes chromie interresting? Uuh fine…

I am just not 100% happy with iit but… let’s see where it leads.

But now this confirms what we already knew. BLIZZARD HATES SNIPERS IN THEIR GAMES XD. Let’s nerf the snipers even more and make em generic…
but atleast she can compete vs Hanzo on mobility now… but not on range…


Im not sure you understand how the ability works. You can use it once every 15 seconds on each ally (and enemy at 20). Basically you use it 4 times, healing and cleansing everyone, and 15 seconds later you can do that again. The more bodies, the more you can use it, just not on the same target, similar to Kerrigan’s Boundless Fury or Thrall’s Thunderstorm.


Chromie needed her final heroic upgrade - double loop removed, and the super fast hearthstone talent.

Lucio was just nerfed as hes cancer with his speed buff and AOE heal (but still his heroics are the strongest part of him).

But there are like 40 other heroes that NEED to be fixed. They need to reworks Valla 3 more times before they realise that.


Thats because they suck on design level.

They cant have “snipers” strong and squishy (as they should be), because the game has cloak, hypermobile and ambushing types that will render them useless.


I dislike the Chromie rework. She is now just a generic mage. And autoattacks? Why? Stop pushing autoattacks on mages.

Her spelldamage has been nerfed and autoattacks damage buffed? Why?

Just no.


If Chromie in hads on Master player…she almost impossible be killed…over 1 year i did suggest to them to be more nurfed. Because she does too high dmgs if player can hit so well and her survivebility in many game situaciones is so high. She deserve to be nurfed. Stop think she was fine to now! Heroes need be balanced a not hard to be killed espectaxtly Abathur or Lucio. And same is valid for Lucio!!
And this change with echo or twin new skill ,she would hit with hight a chance,cross check with this old versione, i like this change!
Even you dislike new changes , you cant do nothing to.make our Blizzard do not non stop rework heroes. Just start use to it with new changes if you can of course, if cant then you maybe not play them or you play so rare time or quit the game or change the game.
Im fine with these new reworks and the game need be like that.


I am not sure. Remember the original jaina? She had quite an impact with auto-attacking in between her spells. It made her more of a combat mage, side-stepping enemy skills, even stutter-stepping to a certain extent. Not that i dislike the current jaina, but this was certainly fun.


Well she does still have an AA build, with longer debuff and +% when AA debuffed targets.

Why push the same playstyle (AA weave in between skills) on another hero is beyond me.


The talent that reseted Chromie’s abilities was what made the traps powerfull. And maybe the lack of spammable aoes to find them on the part of the opponent.


Chromie is gonna be a joke, so op