Newest low of the community


Now it’s team league im with 3 others and we keep getting 1 rando. So this fine.

The oppenent we get is a full premade… we can’t get the rando to join us in chat or draft along side…Ooh well whatever.
Oppenent does a massive combo and kicks our ass while we can’t even get a regular combo going since one of our guys is a rando… no problem what so ever with that. Infuirating but not a problem.

Then we try again… again we get a rando… and our oppenent reveals thier 1s tpick. Ana with the same skin… we know what they will do and instantly draft against us… Yet our rando wants to go illidan or butcher… we request him not to. Since the oppenent has Johanna and Dehaka. So it’s mega countered… whatever he does it anyway… great… he’s a smurf… typical… :confused:

So we do a decent match but without coordination or a hero to do enough damage… we can’t beat the enemy team cause illidan isn’t doing anything to them. The oppenent knew this and was BMing… no matter… let them BM. We will try and win…
So… yea we don’t win. We don’t loose too horribly… but we lost since illidan didn’t do enough and once again was kinda anti team.

So you must be thinking? Just get a full premade… well that’s not why I am angry.

The oppenents DM’d me (and only me) and started insulting me. Excuse me?!?!
I know about bad winners but a full premade making fun of me?!?! So I respond saying: “Real mature.” -Player is ignoring you.

…Wait…they insulted and blocked me or even reported me…
WTF?!..Let’s just say that alone made me go:
“So people get banned for critizing yet, I just took 5 reports by an oppenent possibly cause they wanted to make fun of me?!”

Sufficient to say I got everyone involved to report them for bad sportsmenship.
No offense but you don’t DM an oppenent wwho litterly you have a leg up on and smack them down and then possibly report them or just being a rude player.

-_____-’ Man what a way to end my day. Enraged over some dirtbag who litterly insults oppenents over their MMR. Sorry for the rant… but that’s the newest low I got today. Rude oppenents making fun of me and my team. Only cause the MMR gives us a rando that isn’t as coordinated or willing as a full premade.

As I said… I wouldn’t mind a loss here as much (would still be angry at illidan) if the oppenent wasn’t smacking me down. As far as I know…non of the others got it… It was just me.


In all honesty, what they did is just pathetic and I’d be angry because of that too :’) Some people are just really low


No matter how many times i keep saying this, kids will never learn…

Get ready for another time.


There: Blizzard company encourages players like these to report you for nothing. Blizzard company grants random non-skilled players with master league points, because kids wants to see cool portrait abd be happy and buy cosmetic items. This is not a game about competition or cyber sport, this is a game for kids. The sooner you will understand it, the better will be. You may blame their “family friendly” politics, because it’s a lie, all they care about is money.