Not played for a while

Not played for 6-8 months or so,was doing daily quest mainly.
Logged in for some ranked plays.

Game still ruining any experience because of players matchmaking.
If you playing competetive mode - u wanna see competetive ppl in both teams.

Not when there are 3+2 premades party’s in enemy team while each their player have 200+ games in current season, playing smoothly ,picking/banning smartly and supporting each other in any game moment, and opposite solo players who’s bans random heroes/or afk bans - who playing their own solo game in competetive mod.(solo feeds,no reacting to ally pings,no communicate in game(bush ambushes,support CC for u damage,helping you escape in some situations with their abilities).

Nothing really changed for these past years for the game.

Nah, the game is fine, its just you.
Try growing up and assess how YOU can improve the game by being a better player instead of blaming matchmaking.
Also, the game is a lot more fun when you play with friends. That’s why you see those 2-3 premade teams.