Old suggestion revisited. AMON/CT'HUN


Long ago on the old boards. I made a suggestion for a hero that plays differently… kind of in the way of a Commander and kind of like Abathur.

The suggestion is originally Amon but it can also work with CT’HUN in a way.
Though I am making some obvious differences between the two.

The 1st thing both of them will do is: “Core replacement”
Remember that mechanic they wanted to do with Ragnaros?
Well it’s here. C’THUN or AMON will replace your team’s core as the announcer/invading force. (if you set it to standard)

Now for the skills:

C’Thun’s Presence/Amon’s Destructive Force

C’Thun’s Presence is a passive that weakens minions and structures where C’Thun’s Possesed is in circle AOE. The amount “suggested” is -50 health per second on each minion/mercenary. And structures take an armor penalty of 5 in the circle.
Clearly a passive to drive lanes insane!

Amon’s Destructive Force.
An activable passive that puts down a void crystal shard on the location within Amon’s vision. This buffs amon’s allies with +5 spell power and +5% Attack speed and weakens enemies Armor and Spell armor by 5% in a medium AOE circle.
The Void Crystal Shard is destructable and it’s cooldown is 75 seconds.


These two are basicly the same thing, but there execution is different.
Will go into possession talents for that.
Pretty much Spawn a tentacle or Void Crystal on the map where there is vision.
These are inactive on attacking till possessed.

W Abillity


Just an abillity to allow them to see part of the map as a vision abillity. Has a cooldown of 45 seconds and lasts 3 seconds.

E Abillity


You know how abathur symbiotes? Here it’s direct control. However it doesn’t work ally heroes but only on mercenaries, minions and special spawned minions (Like the tentacle and void shard).
The side effect of this is that the possessed minion/mercenary will gain a HP buff, attack speed buff, movement speed buff, attack buff and is controlled by Amon/C’thun.
How much is still up for debate. Probaly a 10% movement speed buff and such.

The minion if killed while Amon/C’thun is still controlling it will grant 0.25 kill for it’s death or 0.25 death. However Amon/C’thun can unpossess but this is not instant but has a channel timer of 1.25 seconds. If the minion is stunned before that the unposses will go on a cooldown of 5 seconds.
If the minion is killed while possessed… Possession enters a 15/25 seconds cooldown.


Q Abillity:


Your basic Q skill shot. Range will depend on but there are some minor differences between the two.
Chaos Blast will cause a 0.75 sec fear effect and has a 7 second cool down.
Where as Void Shot causes 20% slowing effect for 1.5 seconds and has the same cooldown.

W Abillity:

Unleash Presence increases the effect of C’thun’s passive by 120 damage per second and -10 armor on strucutres. Also all enemy heroes in the AOE will recieve a 0.5 second fear when entering it and a 5% slow for 3 seconds. This effect lasts only 4 seconds though and has a cool down of 20 seconds.

Void Wave on the other hand is Amon’s abillity where he fires a small cone away infront of him that will silence enemy heroes and does some moderate damage (Probaly around 120 tops at level 1). The silence only lasts 0.75 seconds and it’s cooldown is 6 seconds.



These abillities only appear if you possess the spawnable objects? Minions? Eh.
Swing Tentacle makes said tentacle does a 1 second channel then the tentacle swings circle in AOE damage to knock enemies away but… it follows up with the tip of the tentacle whipping on a location in a small aoe circle for some damage.
So a fun little knock back into a combo. It’s cooldown is 8 seconds.

Release Energy is Amon’s Crystal release energy.
This just releases a growing AOE circle for 3.5 seconds that does damage over time and slows oppenents from 1% to 20% depend how long they are in the circle. The damage ain’t super high and it’s cooldown is around 12 seconds.


This one is already explained. Unposses the target.


All herocis are only activatable when not possessing.



Death is close… is an interresting one. You cast this on an enemy hero you can see as C’thun and cast terror on the hero.
It takes 4 seconds to pull off and an eye of C;thun will be above the target.
If not cleansed, statis’d or returned to spawn… it will cut the hero’s current health in half and puts them in fear for 2.5 seconds as well as slowing them 20%.
If the hero is killed during the effect or 3 seconds after it’s effect… from it’s death location a C’thun Cultist spawns…
Since I ain’t too good on balancing this right now… the cultist is probaly the same as mage mercenary.
Cool down is around 100 seconds.

And Hybrids come. Spawns Void Crystal with several zerg/protoss hybrids on the location of it’s casted. This can be done anywhere and doesn’t require vision.
Again not sure how to balance these things or how much. I am thinking 3-4 hybrids with the hp of melee minions and the damage of a bruiser mercenary.
This one is more supportive since it also spawns a crystal and thus Amon has options to posses either the crystal or hybrids to join a fight.
Cool down for this one is 65 seconds.



Whisper of the old god, unlike what you think is actually Amon whispering into an ally hero and corrupting them for 15 seconds. Buffing them like a possessed with all abillities unlocked. However if killed during the effect. Amon’s possess goes on cooldown and now the kill is worth a full one.
Cooldown is around 80 seconds.

Spawns Amon’s Hybrid Avatar to the field. This can only be cast where Amon has vision and is a 2 second channel. A large hybrid spawns on the location damaging enemies and slowing them. Amon instantly possess this being and is something similiar to a Monstrisoity. Same rules apply as possessing but the being will perish in 25 seconds. Enemy hero kills increases the duration of the being by 5 seconds.
Cooldown is also 65 seconds.

As for talents… well… I barely balanced the idea for this one… so talents are off the table.
What do you guys think of this idea?