Option to not play on 2 laners


your little brains couldnt design a good 2 lane map so why are we forced to play them?


I like new hanamura, I also like Battlefield of eternity.
Haunted mine has already been removed.
I agree that braxis is abit meh.

On the other hand i dont like blackhearts bay and warhead junction.
since there are more 3 laners maps i dont like than 2 laner, lets remove the 3 lane maps instead /s


Battlefield is one of the best maps IMHO and Warhead Junction by far the worst. But I would be allright with removing hanamura or braxis, if i could also get rid of the random warhead map.


Exactly, Battlefield of Eternity is one of top maps, great immersive map design, fun to play, most of players will tell you this.

Braxis is not great, but I got used to it, Hanamura (especially old, but also reworked) and Warhead junction are certainly on the bad side of maps.


i don’t like varian, i don’t like him a lot