Orphea and Qhira need nerf


we need some nerf to Ophea and Qhira.
those two in composition are too powerful,
I have played games both as teammate and enemies with those two and they’re extremely unbalance together.
all games ends in 7 to 10 minutes and there is no fun at all.


If you think they’re op in a combo, just ban one.


And Orphea is for a little talents rework.
Of course they do again in a row balance changes in future patches.
Problem become for many balanced changes…because player base improve his game skill.
Indeed this one from reason why HoTS team devs. , do non stop balance changes. :slight_smile:


I have heard people saying that Qhira is op and I can’t really confirm that because I haven’t played that much after her release, but the orphan is not op by any means.

I also think it’s kinda dumb to nerf 2 heroes because they work together nicely. Imagine saying that varian and morales need a nerf just because they work well together.


I do agree with the op a bit Qhira needs a small nerf to her kit her poison dmg that she applies is too strong I find myself and my best friend unable to escape alive cause of it she does more dmg then lunaras poison and orphea is actually easier to take down just let her miss with her abilities and you are gucci.We live streamed on Twitch yesterday it was fun when we played heroes that counters Orphea and Qhira but when we decided to play our own favourite heroes in QP it didn’t work Qhiras wrekt us lol.


New heroes usually get a balance update 2-3 weeks after their launch after blizz gathers enough relevant data, so lets wait for that and see what happens.

I dont know of a specific issue with Orphea


So we should expect some changes to Qhira at the end of this month good to know.


I can’t remember anything worse than Garry and Samuro on launch tbh :smiley:


Are you talking about Garrosh?


well who else starts with “Gar”


Overtuned kit on both its high mobility self healing and very very good damage output. So obviously its A+ tier.
New hero so its going to be absolutelly batsh´’it broken and the balance patch likely brings it down so little that shes still very very good simply because the kit is good and slightly lower damage wont change anything.


The orange cat known as Garfield


Qhira seems to be the first real multi-class hero. She is a bruiser and melee assassin combined with the best of both worlds. I do not think that she can be balanced properly, as she just brings too much to the table. Maybe a glass-cannon aproach would do the trick, where you could burst her down before her self-heal kicks in.

I wish they play-tested their heroes before throwing them into ranked play. Can you imagine a Greymane with self-heal and immunity for a couple of seconds?


Do you know why HoTS team devs. take this decion for every new heroes to be strong ?! :slight_smile:

I want from you(everyone)…to count for me all reasons. :slight_smile:
( this my queation is like im “your treiner”…or " teacher"…who want did check his students,is it learn his leasons)…:slight_smile: