People still play this game?

I have not been playing this game for some years but would like to do but I wonder if people still play this game.
And how are queuetimes here?

Right now I play ed instead Smite and there comes a new hero every month or two.

Really enjoy it but would like to play Hots too sometimes.


ARAM <10 seconds, HL <2 mins

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Yes, there are many ppl who play it. Its not much wait time. Usually under 2 Mins (even Ranked)

this game is already dead. every match have connection problems (only this game), drafing system mixing 5ppl 90%wr vs 5ppl 20%wr.
match waitings about 10 minutes (and after that 10 minutes draft is like said above).
blizard developers destroyed this game…

Been playing for the past 2 months, game is alive and well. I just hope they will give more attention to this game since theres alot of people playing and the queues are fast compared to 1 year ago.