Pet peeve in Team ranked


Lately I have a high amount of team ranked matches with these results:

My team:
All solos.
Oppenent team:
Full Premade, 4 premade, 3 premade + 2 premade.

Now I did win one of them but alot of them… the oppenent strategizes… the oppenent coordiniates… while my team struggles to get one guy to stop doing that one thing to disrupts our combo’s.
It’s not fun…

It seriously leads to unfun matches in general where even the win feels just wrong. It feels like you won only cause you got lucky or something.

Anyhow… that’s all I can say.


Weird, usually a 4 man or a 5 man cant face anything but other parties of the same size or 3/2 splits maybe.

Btw, you seem like a pretty regular poster, i would recommend using the US forums if you seek for a bit more of an insight / faster replies, its a bit more lively than the EU side :slight_smile:


I know that but yea normally you can’t do that… but as of late. It seems more common and so far 1/6 matches won with those. The rest… obviously losses.

Can’t beat coordinated oppenents with a bunch of people who are soloing.
The only one I won is because the oppenent was SO BAD at dodging. Everyone was able to hit their skills shots wiith relative ease. (Let alone their support was Lucio who is on my DOOMED hero list.)