Petition to delete Mirror mode

Just what the title says. I know some people like it but I personally don’t know anyone and every time I get a mirror match at least 2 or 3 go instant afk or leave.

So I please ask to get rid of this mode or at least make it optional to get it.

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I never play aram but if there was 100% of the games mirror match that would be the only thing that would makes me wants to play that game mode.
Aram is either stomp or be stomped. The balanced game are 1 out of 100 and when you lose because someone in your team never took a heal or whatever then you are just here waiting for the game to end.
With a mirror game you dont have these problems. All are the same hero.
And they are the most fun games you could make in aram.
I really dont understand why people dont like them.
Also we need to bring back the old heroes brawls. That was even more fun.
Aram as it is now is the worst mode in hots. Even vs AI is more enjoyable.

I would love to see mirror mode go away. It’s so depressing and there is nothing exciting. Just the same spells over and over.