Petition to move russians from eu server


i dont want to be discriminating, and i am sorry if it comes over that way. but i am so tired of losing my games with russians on my team. they just dont know how to play, just had a samuro with 5k dmg in 20min???

how can i move on with my rank if i keep getting “ret@rds”

is it possible to make a petition to move russians away from eu serverS??
if anyone knows how please post here so we can sign it so we can see how many people are for


I don’t have anything against russians as long as they know how to english (not only “noob, report” and so on)


I just don’t see why aren’t they on Asia server, like everyone else using those different writing systems.
I can’t even put it in translator when they tell me иди убей себя, нуб (unless it’s in draft, so I can click and copy) because those symbols aren’t on my keyboard…